Friday, October 19, 2018

New Single ~ SINGING COWBOY & other sale prices

Now available as a single download.

Gideon Boone, country megastar, was an industry, not a man, and in the eyes of his brother and his mom, not the son, the sibling, they remembered. An interracial romance.

*Note* If the book is not available at your preferred sales website, give it a day or two. Some websites take longer than others to accept new ebooks.

Also, for the first time, available at other websites:

 All 3 books in one download! Clean YA.

Carley Shaeffer hires a boyfriend for Christmas, but her web of lies might bring her the best gift of all.

3 of my favorite fun police drama-suspense novellas.

 *Note* These are all available at Amazon, but you can now purchase them from websites such as ibooks, KOBO, B&N, and Scribd. Amazon links are on my website.

And don't forget:

Glass is only 99 cents this month!
A Christian Halloween alternative.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

On Sale for 99 Cents!

"A Halloween type story with a biblical perspective." 

On sale for 99 cents at:

And don't forget ...

The Underground (Superhuman) Book 1 is

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