Saturday, June 9, 2018

Story Saturdays - New Sales Prices & A New Release

I'd like to extend a generous welcome to all my new subscribers. Story Saturdays is a bi-weekly look at my current sales prices, new release books, and what's upcoming. It's also where you'll hear about my next book giveaway. So, stay tuned for more info in the upcoming weeks!

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He closed his eyes, their lips finding each other, and allowed the moment to happen. It might blow up in his face. She might get her memory back and things would be awkward. But then again, it might change nothing at all because like she’d said, the strongest thing in the heart should be the one thing that never changed, the one thing you could always count on no matter what.

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Gray revolved in place. He crossed his arms over his chest. Alabama McCall was in way over her head, and now, looking at her, his blood pumping faster, everything in him wanting to take her in his arms, so was he. He couldn’t explain his need to be here or why he wasn’t fleeing the other way. Sure, he had nowhere to go, but if he was smart, he’d cut and run just the same. 

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Grace & Cowboys, Book 3
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He deserved better than he’d allowed himself to have. He deserved to smile and laugh, and going deeper than simple contentment, he deserved to fall in love. To burn for a woman and have her ache for him in return. He deserved to be in love, and he longed to make love.

But what if he was too old and washed up? What if no woman anywhere would look twice at him because he refused to leave Montana?


Malcolm Stratton’s wife walked out on him years ago, and his perfect life collapsed. Left with the care of their independent-minded daughter and running his large Montana ranch, he’s given up any hope at happiness, much less finding love again.

Sierra Trask came to Montana to find quiet time and write a book. Yet the beauty of the land and the generosity of her host are marred by his depression and his constant fights with his daughter.

Taking it on herself to mediate a particularly loud battle, she volunteers to travel south with him to buy a cow. Yet, his reason for insisting on the trip and her reason for volunteering, add sparks to their already growing attraction, and when he meets with an unplanned accident, nothing, it seems, will stop them from falling in love.


Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA

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