Saturday, April 21, 2018

Story Saturdays - New Sales & New Books

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Now Available!

I am privileged to have a story in this set with a group of wonderful ladies. If you like sweet, clean contemporary Christian romance, you will want to pick up a copy. Only 99 cents! 

Available at the following retailers:

Barnes & Noble

Now On Sale:
99 cents.

~A beautiful woman. A handsome teacher. A terrible secret.

*Don't forget to visit the webpage and see what else is FREE and 99 cents! 

Now Available at Non-Amazon Sales Retailers:

~He's soft and warm and kind, everything a woman could want to hang onto.

My Next Release:

I was asked when Book 3 of GRACE & COWBOYS would be available. I plan to release this book sometime in May.

Here's a look at the cover and blurb:

Malcolm Stratton’s wife walked out on him years ago, and his perfect life collapsed. Left with the care of their independent-minded daughter and running his large Montana ranch, he’s given up any hope at happiness, much less finding love again.

Sierra Trask came to Montana to find quiet time and write a book. Yet the beauty of the land and the generosity of her host are marred by his depression and his constant fights with his daughter.

Taking it on herself to mediate a particularly loud battle, she volunteers to travel south with him to buy a cow. Yet, his reason for insisting on the trip and her reason for volunteering, add sparks to their already growing attraction, and when he meets with an unplanned accident, nothing, it seems, will stop them from falling in love.

Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA

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