Saturday, February 24, 2018

Story Saturdays - This Month's Free Book Giveaway

This month's FREE BOOK will be February 28th. You must be an email subscriber by 7 a.m. to receive the download link.

In honor of my current online sale, I will include the Kindle version of Book 1 of the Coralee Chronicles. The epub version is FREE at all other websites, including Barnes & Noble, itunes, Scribd, & KOBO, to name a few.

Due to Amazon rules, this is readers only chance to get the Kindle version FOR FREE.

I am throwing in Book 2 of this three-book series, as well. I hope you enjoy the stories and, if so, please leave me a kind review.

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Also, I am looking for reviewers for my Cyborg Romance scifi series. If  you are interested in reading these 2 books FOR FREE simply reply to this email.

On Sale For 99 Cents:


Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA

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