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Story Saturdays - This Month's Free Book Giveaway

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In honor of my current online sale, I will include the Kindle version of Book 1 of the Coralee Chronicles. The epub version is FREE at all other websites, including Barnes & Noble, itunes, Scribd, & KOBO, to name a few.

Due to Amazon rules, this is readers only chance to get the Kindle version FOR FREE.

I am throwing in Book 2 of this three-book series, as well. I hope you enjoy the stories and, if so, please leave me a kind review.

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Suzanne D. Williams
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Blog About Nothing … Or Everything

*This was originally published on the Grace & Faith 4U blog.

I sat down to write, but the earth seemed to conspire against me. The phone rang. My older dog threw up. My younger one left me a gift on the carpet (she’s 8 weeks old). My husband arrived, mid-shift, looking for dinner. I am sidetracked, afterward, by a half-dozen mundane chores. By the time I have it all sorted, folded, and washed … walked, fed, and answered … my brain is as blank as a sheet of copy paper.

Again. Because the truth is I’ve been in this pattern for days. There’s gifts to buy, errands to run … my daughter needs to get to work or be picked up … decorations to hang, food to prepare. The never-ending cycle of my existence keeps stealing precious minutes, hours, from me. All of it counterproductive to my writing. All of it unavoidable.

What I’m left with at 8 p.m. on a December evening is, instead, a disparate selection of thoughts that I wished all hinged together somehow, but actually don’t. Things I’ve read bleed into stories I’ve seen or situations I’ve experienced. My brain oozes with conversations on social media and texts from my brother, my aunt, my mom and dad. Best friends.

This is not me. In my mind’s eye, I am organized, capable, and efficient. I meet or exceed my goals. In reality, I can’t remember my name … and it seems like there’s something I meant to do just now. What was that? For that matter, what day of the week is it? Wednesday? Wasn’t there something I planned for tomorrow?

Sometimes, all I can do successfully in the whirlwind of life is keep walking the pathway in front of me. I must set aside plotlines and sentences and characters and be a mom, a wife, an employee first. Some days, the best action I make is getting ready for bed, and the closest I come to my WIP is five minutes of muddled thought right before I nod off.

I make excuses saying tomorrow will be better. I’ll have hours of free time to play author again. I’ll finally make more progress than two paragraphs describing a dinner scene. I’ll get an idea where the book will end. Another notch in my belt, star in my crown, ring on my hand.

Then again, I must water my vegetable garden. I should sweep the front porch. I promised my daughter I’d take her to the store. Maybe, once the sun’s gone down, the dishes are washed, and I’ve taken my bath … Maybe I’ll write a blog article about nothing (or everything. Which is it?) while a dog sleeps on my chest, the TV plays on mute, and … oh, yeah, the phone just rang again. It’s my husband. He’s working late. I may or may not be awake when he gets here.

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Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Welcome To Story Saturdays

Welcome to all new subscribers via the Reader's Realm giveaway.

If you're not familiar with me, I've written over 100 romance novels & novellas in genres from Young Adult to Contemporary Adult, Historical Fiction, and even Sci-Fi. I hope you'll enjoy my newsletters, but as a way of introduction, each month I give away a free book or sneak peek at an upcoming release and sometimes more than one! This is a great way to get copies of my books not available in other formats, too.

For my regular subscribers, if you'd like to join the Reader's Realm giveaway, I'll include the link. Win 12 ebooks & a $20 gift card! Included is a copy of my novella, THE WAY TO A MAN'S HEART. There are only 4 days left to enter.

TBR February 13th:

The 7th and final book in the Florida Irish Series, CHASE'S WIFE, will be available for purchase on February 13th, barring any interruption to my schedule.

Don't forget Book 1, LOVE & REDEMPTION, is FREE!

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The Girl In The Pink Bikini (Coralee Chronicles) Book 1
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All other sales this month are available on my SALES page. Included is my first YA novella, ME & TIMOTHY COOPER and a story I wrote for The Edge, TO SWIM AT MIDNIGHT. Both are only 99 cents.

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The SUPERHUMAN series is now available at other sales channels like Barnes & Noble, itunes, KOBO, Scribd, etc. Visit my Science Fiction page for sales links.

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I have scheduled several articles written for other blogs to be released here during February & March. For new subscribers, I try to not send more than one email a week or one every other week. I hope you'll enjoy these thoughts of mine and, if so, be sure to leave me a comment. I read everything said to me on the blog.


I will have a subscriber-only giveaway this month on February 28th. The book title will be announced at a later date.

Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA

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