Saturday, October 28, 2017

Story Saturdays

FREE to Email Subscribers

This month's free book is "A Cowboy For A Lifetime". The deadline to sign up as an email subscriber is short, though. You must join by 7 a.m. October 31st to receive the download link.

Next month's November giveaway is my annual big Christmas package. Stay tuned for the contents in the next couple weeks. You WILL NOT want to miss it.

For epub readers:

I love my epub readers. If there's a book you want to read that is unavailable as an epub (for instance, it is in the Kindle Select program), the best place to get your copy is by being a subscriber. And here's a HUGE HINT ... look for some of my new books in the November giveaway, where I always provide both Kindle (mobi) and epub copies.

99 Cent Sales:

*contemporary fiction
Kindle Unlimited Book

*romantic suspense / Halloween alternative

*historical romance for young adults

All my sales are available in one place on the blog!

New Sets!

I have two new sets released. Both contain EXCLUSIVE stories, available only in the sets. Both sets are only 99 cents!

Kindle Unlimited Set

Kindle Unlimited Book

Also ...

Book 1 and 2 of a 3 book series, "Grace & Cowboys" have been released at the same time. You will find Book 1 in the "God, Girls, & Cowboys" set. You won't want to miss Book 2, though!

AND all my sets now have their own spot on the blog, so you don't have to search for them.

Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA

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