Saturday, December 31, 2016

Story Saturdays

It is fitting on the last day of 2016 that I release my book totals. This year, I published 17 novels or novellas under my personal name and 1 set, bringing the number of live published books to 101 fiction stories. I also republished a previously released novella under a new pen name, JOSEPHINE MCCUTCHEON, as well as 4 new novellas under a separate general fiction pen name. That brings the total to 21 new stories.


I have great things planned for 2017. I will complete the final story in the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB, CHAZ, and the final story (a novella) in THE FLORIDA IRISH series, CHASE'S WIFE.

I already have my first January book ready for editing, MY BROTHER'S BRIDE: A MAIL-ORDER BRIDE STORY by Josephine McCutcheon.


My biggest news is something exciting for my email subscribers.

On the last day of every month during 2017, I will provide a FREE DOWNLOAD of one of my books. These will be both my older stories and, often, new releases. I will alternate between genres and from Christian Fiction to General Fiction as well as YA or General Adult. That's at least 12 books with a total value of up to $45!

You don't need to change a thing to be enrolled. As a dedicated follower of both my books and my devotionals, I will automatically enroll you. I encourage you to tell your friends because this is an exciting opportunity to become more involved! To join, visit and fill out the form int he left-hand column.

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A Word To My Devotional Followers:

I covet your prayers as I write, both fiction and nonfiction. I love writing words of wisdom from the Scriptures, but can only pen them as God speaks to my heart.

I admit at the end of 2016, my vision was clouded by politics and strife within the U.S.A. Then the holidays took over. A time when I should be reflecting on Christ's birth was instead drowned out by presents and parties and overwhelming stress. Perhaps those thoughts are, in themselves, words of wisdom, that we must look to God in every moment and go into 2017 with faith, looking toward what is unseen and believing for the manifestation of all the good things He has in store for us.

Know that each of you who email me privately are valuable and your encouragement means so much. I am nothing without my readers and friends.

Visit the GNFA blog for my latest devotional.

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