Saturday, May 28, 2016

Story Saturdays

On Sale For 99 Cents:

young adult romance

young adult romance

romantic suspense

contemporary romance

*for a listing of books permanently at 99 cents, visit the blog

Memorial Day Reading:

Looking for a great story for Memorial Day? Try THE QUARTER.

Another great selection, MISSING (The Sanders Saga) Book 1. FREE on all platforms. Visit the blog for download links.

Upcoming Releases:

I have moved up the release dates for THE FAMILY (Superhuman) Book 4 to June 1st.


ICHABOD & PENELOPE has a new cover (same story).

TAKE ME AWAY, LOVE DANGEROUSLY, SOAPED, and IT DON'T RAIN IN TEXAS are available now at ibooks, Scribd, and several other outlets. Visit the blog for details.

I gave away 364 free copes of FADE TO BLACK. I hope if you were one of those new readers, you will leave me a positive review.

News to Subscribers:

I have decided on late July for my next Subscriber giveaway and I'm thinking of giving away one of my newest most popular books. You will NOT want to miss it.

To subscribers who look forward to my devotionals:  I write those as God gives them to me, and sometimes life gets in the way. I pray you will remain with me and simply discard any news you don't care to hear. I love all my readers.

God bless!

Suzanne D. Williams 
Florida, USA

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