Saturday, May 14, 2016

Story Saturdays

My sales books are the same as in my post two weeks ago, so I'll refer you to it for links and information.

Two books are on preorder now, Book 4 of the SUPERHUMAN series and Book 2 of SPRING-SUMMER ROMANCE by Alex Greenville. (Alex Greenville books are directed at the secular market.)

Sci-fi YA
TBR 6/13/2016

New Book Covers:

I mentioned, in my last post, the new covers on THE ITALIAN SERIES. I also re-covered my TIME-TRAVEL ROMANCE series and BEST-DRESSED series as well.

You will find sale links for these books on the blog.

Upcoming freebies:

There is a one day freebie of one of my YA coming up on the 23rd. I will keep you informed of what book and send a personal note to all subscribers with a download link on that date.

Also, look for a subscriber only freebie sometime in July or August. I haven't decided which or what book, but you will have to be part of the subscriber list to get it.


I would like to address a few thoughts in regards to these books and my past works, in general. My goal has always been to write realistic romance with a happily ever after ending. Sometimes the stories have a heavy Christian message, sometimes they don't. I long ago worked through any doubts I had about this, but from time to time, someone not familiar with my writing brings it back up again.

I once heard it said there are Christian stories and Christian authors. I do some of both, but my morality will always be found in what I write, regardless. For the most part, you will never find curse words in my books no matter the genre or the market (and NEVER use of the f-word).

There is sometimes graphic and/or sexual content, but tastefully done (and in Christian Fiction you will always find a note of it at the beginning of the book). I will not and do not write erotica. I find it disgusting and distasteful. You will also never find homosexual or lesbian characters. I believe God loves everyone, but do not want to support those lifestyles in accordance with my Christian beliefs.

What I'm writing:

I'm currently working on SUPERHUMAN Book 5. This is the last in the series. I also have Book 3 of the FABULOUS series going and to people wondering about the follow-up story to my sci-fi book, 653: RISE OF THE SUN. It is slow-going but will happen sometime, hopefully within six months.

Thank you to the readers who recently wrote me to give me positive and uplifting words. It is great to have heartening feedback. That's what keeps me writing.

Lastly, please if you read one of my stories and liked it, please leave me a review. God bless.

Suzanne D. Williams 
Florida, USA

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