Saturday, April 16, 2016

Story Saturdays

I posted my devotional on Monday so that this blog wouldn't hit you so soon. I try to space news out and not inundate your email boxes. Thank you so much for being a subscriber.

99 Cent Books:

*juvenile romance

FELICIA (Fabulous) Book 1
*juvenile romance

*allegorical/paranormal juvenile romance

*romantic suspense

New Releases:

*historical fiction/mail-order bride

THE COALITION (Superhuman) Book 3
*sci-fi juvenile romance


I have sent FADE TO GRAY (Angst) Book 2 to the editor. Several have been looking for this book's release. If you haven't read Book 1 yet, it's only 99 cents and also available as Kindle Unlimited.


On the webpage:

I have added the audiobook for THE UNDERGROUND (Superhuman) Book 1 to the blog. Keep in mind that all my audiobooks are also available through itunes, though I do not have all the sale links listed.

If you enjoy audiobooks, you'll want to get this one. If you've never downloaded an audiobook before, Audible has a great free book with 30-day trial offer. Make this suspenseful sci-fi your first choice!


Lastly, I have an announcement. I have started a line of adult contemporary romance books under a pen name and have released my first book.

Why? I have long felt that readers might be confused by the many genres I write, as well as the varying content. I am a Christian writer, but not all stories have Christian content. They all have the same feel, the same style of writing, but, simply put, some stories do not call for a religious tone and trying to make them fit takes away from the strength of the story.

If you've liked my other books, such as, FOR TONIGHT or LOVE & ROSES, you will like this line of books as well. Visit, and bookmark the page. Also, follow me at Amazon to learn of new releases.

Again, my books under my real name will not disappear, and I will keep writing stories that I wish to release as usual. But for those that are specifically contemporary romance and do not have a particular Christian leaning, you will see them as Alex Greenville.

Book 1

Suzanne D. Williams 
Florida, USA

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