Saturday, February 6, 2016

Story Saturdays

My 99 Cent and Sale books remain the same with two exceptions - FLIGHT RISK (The Italian Series) Book 1 is now 99 cents and the following book in that series, ITALIAN WITH A SIDE OF PASTA, Book 2 is $1.99.

Visit the blog for the previous list of links. Most of these lower prices also extend to other sale sites such as Barnes & Noble, KOBO, etc. Look under "Where To Find More Of My Books" in the left-hand column of the blog for details.

NEW at other sale sites:

The entire FLORIDA IRISH series is now available (or being made available) at ibooks, Scribd, and Inktera. You can find the links on the blog.

Also, I have new book covers for the latest two books in the series:  MAIRE'S SONG and MICHAEL'S STORY. These fit better with the series and reflect the genre.

My Next Release:

I just finished writing a sweet YA, THE OTHER PLAYER, and have sent it in for edits. Look for this novella on preorder in the next couple days, to be released in a couple weeks. (For those counting, this will be my second book release this year.)

Also in the news:

Book 1 of the SUPERHUMAN series, THE UNDERGROUND, is being made into an audiobook. I have hired the perfect voice to narrate the story. Release should be sometime early summer. Book 3 in the series will be released I'm hoping in April, given I can kick myself into gear on Book 4.


Tears burned behind her lids, and unwilling to let them fall, Dorothy ducked her head, sucking in a needed breath. He’d apologize for Drew? Especially when Drew had gone out of his way to run her away from him. The comparison stood stark in her mind, Louis’s gentleness against Drew’s anger.


Spunky Southside Eagle cheerleader, Dorothy Payne, never expected to meet the guy of her dreams on the football field. Especially since he goes to the rival school, Piermont High. But a mid-game collision with Raider’s defense player, Louis Buntz, soon leads to mutual interest and a date.

What seems simple and full of promise, however, has unseen complications:  her mom’s bad health, Louis’s rocky home life, and, biggest of all, the sudden jealousy of her longtime friend, Eagles’ quarterback, Drew Sault.

The rash decision to go out with both further muddles things. Her heart pulls her one way, but her conscience pulls the other. She shouldn’t be with a Raider when it looks like the guy she’s known the longest is falling apart.

Rival teams. A football scandal. A play for her heart. Clean Reads for teens by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

Suzanne D. Williams 
Florida, USA

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