Saturday, January 2, 2016

Story Saturdays

Happy New Year!

Last year's book release count sits at 23 new books with 2 revised releases. That's 25 total for 2015. Of those, 4 were novels (40k+) and 21 were novellas ranging from 20k to 40k. Adding all that up in word count, it means a lot of words.

Next year's stories are already in the works, with Book 2 of the Superhuman Series, THE LEAGUE, preparing for release sometime in January. I'm also writing Book 1 of my first fantasy novel series, THE KING'S COMPANION (Earth People), and hopefully will complete a novella in time for Valentine's Day.

Also, look for more giveaways to email subscribers only as the year progresses with one sometime in the spring.

Current News:

Look for more of my adult-targeted books at other outlets (meaning not YA). Announcements will appear on FB and on Twitter as they are released. Currently, BLUSHED, EDEN, and LOVE & ROSES are now available at places such as itunes and Scribd. Visit the blog for all sales links.

99 cent sales:

*teenage romance

FELICIA (Fabulous) Book 1
*teenage romance

ARIEL (Fabulous) Book 2
*teenage romance

*teenage romance

THE UNDERGROUND (Superhuman) Book 1
*science fiction/teenage romance

*historical fiction/teenage romance

ITALIAN WITH A SIDE OF PASTA (The Italian Series) Book 2
*contemporary romance

*contemporary romance


“You have to live,” she whispered. “You can’t die on me because it works both ways, you know. You need me to survive, but I need you.”


Dumped in the bay off the California coast by an unknown assailant, Elaine Dodge felt her life gradually fade away. But what had it been over the last five years? Miserable. Her adopted mom is dead. Her friends have turned their backs. She should have expected it to end like this.

Except, rescued from drowning by Anchor Dawkins, a superhuman boy at home in the water, she’s thrown into a world where all is not what it seems. Not her being there. Not who’s threatening them. Not their future together.

A future his ultimate act of sacrifice might destroy for good.

Book 2 of 5 in the Superhuman sci-fi romance series by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

Suzanne D. Williams 
Florida, USA

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