Saturday, November 28, 2015

Story Saturdays

I have set a lot of books permanently at 99 cents and so will not repeat those titles in my sale list. I will instead address NEW low prices and any new releases. All of the links to my books for sale are available on my website.

Additionally, all sale prices will be reflected at all other outlets (Barnes & Noble, KOBO, etc.).

Stories On Sale (Limited Time):

All of my Christmas-themed stories are 99 cents.
All About Romeo 99 Cents

Now On Sale:

SUIT (Best-Dressed Series) Book 1
Contemporary Romance

Heaven & Earth (Western Women Series) Book 1
Historical Romance

New Releases:

Michael's Story (The Florida Irish) Book 5
Historical Romance/Western

The Underground (Superhuman) Book 1
YA Sci-Fi Romance

Eight To One
99 Cents
YA Historical Romance

EIGHT TO ONE is a remake of a YA formerly released as a contemporary. As explained in the foreward of the book, I meant the story to be a historical originally and decided in recent days to return it to that. This novella includes a BONUS short story, "Sam" never before released.


A lifetime. How had the boy who pulled pranks become a man who talked about lifetimes?


Sent south for the summer, eighteen-year-old Iris Willow expects the next three months to be the worst. After all, there can’t be anything interesting about eight brothers raised on a small-town farm. Not when she’s met more sophisticated boys in the city.

Yet from the start, the second eldest, Lucas McGilley, seems different. He’s handsome and funny and kind. He’s dedicated to his family and willing to do what’s necessary to make up for his past mistakes. Most of all, he says he’s in love with her.
Love that, as the summer ends, can’t overcome her world of doubts. Or his older brother’s hatred. Or the horrible secret held by his mother.

Bonus Story Blurb:

Samuel McGilley, as the youngest of eight brothers, often finds himself overlooked. He’s always made up for that by speaking his mind. But when an afternoon’s task for a local widow introduces him to pretty little Anna McIntosh, he finds something he’s good at. Listening.

And maybe, with time’s passing, something far more priceless. Love.

Suzanne D. Williams 
Florida, USA

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