Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Every Sin

I was amazed recently by online comments from "Christians" advocating sins Jesus spoke clearly against. They justified it, talking about the struggle of a friend or relative or church member in that area in the guise of being tolerant. They said, as Christians we're to be non-judgmental and thereby show the love of Christ.

But it's one thing to love everyone and another to accept something that's blatantly wrong. A friend of mine made two statements about this that set me thinking.

She said:

"The struggle is true for some, but the majority aren't struggling at all, they're wallowing. There's a HUGE difference. God knows the heart." (Ps 44:21)


"If everything's fine, then the only thing Jesus really died for is intolerance, right?"

Wow. Jesus died for SINS. Big sins. Small sins. Every sin. And sin will ALWAYS come between a person and Christ. It prevents answers to prayer, hinders physical and mental healing, and opens one's life to the work of Satan.

Don't get me wrong. People DO struggle, but people filling their hearts with Christ, people choosing real repentance, will ALWAYS find salvation and through it peace from whatever they're struggling against, else God is not strong and Jesus died in vain.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth (Rm 1:16).

But, like my friend said, most people aren't struggling, they're wallowing. Filled with self-pity and unwilling to change, they seek an excuse for their sin. They want to partake, yet not reap the consequences. Greater, they search for forgiveness from society, instead of God, to make it "okay."

Yet, it isn't okay. Every sin ... including those society has renamed ... was nailed to the cross FOR A REASON. And either the cross and the power of the Resurrection were sufficient to deliver man, or Jesus died solely for intolerance. (Php 3:10)

Because everything else is perfectly acceptable. Right?

I think not. Sin cannot be redefined, and nothing man can do will cleanse him of it. But one dip in the fountain of Jesus's blood, with eyes turned toward God for cleansing and forgiveness, and God will remove EVERY sin and the effects of it. (Is 1:18;Jn 7:18;Rm 1:18;Heb 12:1)

That's the way grace works. (2Co 12:9)

God didn't do things halfway. He didn't hang on the cross for some people and not others. There's no clause in the will amending the purpose of His death, given it grows "out of date". And He isn't less powerful now because ten people on Facebook all agree on it. (Gal 3:28;Col 3:11)

He never changes. NEVER. And never is a really long time. (Mal 3:6)


Suzanne D. Williams 
Florida, USA

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