Saturday, October 3, 2015

Story Saturdays

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99 Cent Books:

FELICIA (Fabulous) Book 1
*teenage romance

THE BRIDE WORE BLUE SNEAKERS (Coralee Chronicles) Book 2
*teenage romance

NOT DONE LIVING (Contemporary Version)
*romantic suspense

NOT DONE LIVING (Historical Version)
*historical romantic suspense

*contemporary western

HEAVEN & HELL (Western Women Series) Book 2
*historical fiction

LOVE & REDEMPTION (The Florida Irish) Book 1
*historical fiction/western

New Release:

CRISTOBEL (Billionaire Boys Club) Book 4

*Look for this story at other online retailers. Links on the blog.

Writing Tips:

Go over to the GNFA blog and check out three of my latest writing tips, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Now on Preorder (Release October 15th):

Only 99 Cents. Limited Time. 

MAIRE'S SONG (The Florida Irish) Book 4
*historical fiction

FADE TO BLACK (Angst) Book 1
*teenage romance

But they didn’t know that what was on the outside wasn’t near as important as what was in the heart. Arsen’s heart was a dozen shades of gray, all murky and opaque. Toby’s … I suspect he thought it’d faded black, that he had no redeeming qualities left. But to me, he looked more and more like gold, like the sunset one of those nights where it’s all around you. You can’t escape it, but only stand there in the glow. For me, he was that glow, and I made up my mind to bask in it whenever I could.


Caia Maceo’s life changed the day Toby Kemp walked into it. He’s different from other boys, silent, secretive.

But, their feelings for each other growing, she finds out there’s a reason he acts that way. He’s lived through something no teen should have to face. He’s seen hell and survived.

Yet, it isn’t his vision of hell that makes her question their relationship, but an unexpected view of heaven.

A look at life and death and faith from a unique point-of-view. Book 1 of 2 in the ANGST SERIES by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

*This story completes in Book 2.


Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams. Author 
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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