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Story Saturdays

99 Cents Sales:

*teen romance

PLAY IT FOR ME (The Italian Series) Book 5
*contemporary romance

*contemporary romance

*southern historical romance

99 Cent New Release:

WOLFE (Billionaire Boys Club) Book 3
*contemporary romance

Scribd ($2.99)
ibooks ($2.99)

Look it for it at Barnes & Noble, KOBO, and Inktera in the next week. Also soon in paperback.

Now Available at Scribd for $2.99:

ATLAS (Billionaire Boys Club) Book 1
STEELE (Billionaire Boys Club) Book 2

These books will also be made available at ibooks and Inktera in the upcoming days.  Check the blog for sale links.

Available as Kindle Unlimited:

MISSING (The Sanders Family Series) Book 1
*historical fiction

FOUND (The Sanders Family Series) Book 2
*historical fiction

FOR ETERNITY (Time-Travel Romance) Book 1
*science fiction

CROSSING ETERNITY (Time-Travel Romance) Book 2
*science fiction

*contemporary romance

What's on Tap:

Having finished writing Book 3 of the Billionaire Boys Club series, WOLFE, I've moved on to Book 3 of the Rodeo Girl series, RACIN' HEARTS. I plan to release this August 1st, unless there's an unforeseen delay. Look for it as a preorder in July. I am also closing in on the ending of WINGS2 (Paranormal Romance) Book 2. This will make up today's excerpt.

Angus Finlay has always had a rocky relationship with his stepdad. In book 2 of the WINGS series, three years have passed, his relationship with Sara has fallen apart, and Angus has a new girlfriend, not walking in the Light, who has no clue who he really is.

From the window seat of the airplane, Angus had a good view of both the passengers and the early morning sky. However, his thoughts inward, his mind flew a thousand miles away to a small house and a family he’d spent two years with.

The Benedicts had been kind, taken him in when he had nowhere else to go, celebrated holidays, birthdays, together. They’d fed him, prayed with him and for him, and most of all, trusted him with their daughter. How young and stupid and green he’d been, thinking that life could go on pristine as it had … every morning a glorious display of the Creator’s awe-inspiring power, visions and dreams and, always, Sara knowing things no one else did.

Cindy’s gaze rested on him hard. One hand curved over his arm, her forehead drawn upward, worry sat heavy on her features. “You never mention home,” she said.

He sighed, long. They’d talked about many things since they’d started dating, most of them having to deal with her. That’d felt one-sided, but she hadn’t seemed to mind; and truth was, he’d preferred it. Last thing he’d wanted to explain was his convoluted past.

Only now, she’d agreed to come on what wouldn’t be an easy trip and he ought trust her a little more. His energy seemed to drain at the thought. “My dad died,” he said.

She pillowed her cheek on his arm. “How old were you?”

“Seven. But he’d left us long before then and married someone else.”

“Oh, that’s rough.”

It had been … then … but now it was strangely … normal. Lots of kids, he’d discovered, had broken homes. He couldn’t pity himself over that.

“My mom remarried. The guy’s a drunk.”

“And … and the cops say he killed her?” Hesitant, her voice quivered.

Angus directed his eyes to her face, apologetic. “I shouldn’t have asked you to do this, should handle it myself. I’m grateful you came.”

Cindy offered a hopeful smile. “I didn’t want you to go alone.”

He bit his lip, thoughts of Sara rising again. “I have to warn you … my old girlfriend …”

Cindy laughed once. “I can handle the ex.”

But, no, she couldn’t, and he’d be as good as flaunting their relationship in front of her, which would only make things hard for Sara. He paused.

Hard for Sara? Why was he concerned about that?

“Just thought I should put it out there. She’ll be around, not that she’ll say or do anything awful. That’s not her style. But she knows things …”

“All she needs to know is Angus Finlay is mine and we’ll be okay.”

But Angus didn’t know whose he was anymore. He used to. He’d belonged to the Creator, had His calling on his heart. He’d been baptized, heard angels singing, and witnessed the Power of the Resurrection shining all around him. He’d spoken to the Man, the Savior of the world, seen the holes in his hands. None of that had gone away though, had it? Surely, it still existed.

Yet the good he’d seen mingled now with the hatred of his stepdad, his new intimate relationship with Cindy, and the arguments he’d had with Sara.

Don’t quote Scriptures to me. I know what the Book says well enough.

Well enough? We’re to be filled continually.

There you go again. You use it like a weapon anymore. Wasn’t “you and me” supposed to teach you to submit?

She’d glared at him then, and he’d known the statement wasn’t fair. He shouldn’t use the Creator’s words as a weapon against her any more than she should. The Creator wasn’t the author of confusion or strife. (1Co 14:33)

“Tell me about your mom,” Cindy said.

Grateful for the distraction, Angus tried to relax. “She’s my biggest fan.” This brought a smile to his face, one tinged with sadness. “She always loved my dad.”

“You said she remarried.”

He nodded. “For security. She hated being alone. It was a mistake from the start, and as he got more abusive, I begged her to leave. She only stood up to him once.”

Once. But that hadn’t lasted. She’d meant well, but she’d given in, inch by inch. Exactly as he had. It was so much easier to give in than to stand strong, mostly because you didn’t see it coming. You bowed here, stooped a little over there, and before you knew it were way off track. Admitting it had come too hard and fixing his relationship with Sara, impossible.

Turning his gaze, he kissed Cindy tenderly then glanced out the window of the plane.

“We’ll get through this,” she said in his ear.

He didn’t look at her, couldn’t look at her, for the sudden vision of Sara staring him in the face.

Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams Photography 
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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