Saturday, May 30, 2015

Story Saturdays

On Sale for 99 cents:

*teen romance

PLAY IT FOR ME (The Italian Series) Book 5
*contemporary romance

*southern romance

Available as Kindle Unlimited:

MISSING (The Sanders Family) Book 1
*historical fiction

FOUND (The Sanders Family) Book 2
*historical fiction

*contemporary romance

What's on tap:

First, wander on over to the GNFA blog and read my interview of author, Dana Pratola, about her new book, VOICE OF TRUTH. 

Also, in response to the inquiries I've had lately about WINGS2, let me say publicly, I'm not sure when the book will be completed, but it WILL be completed. After some struggling with the storyline, I had a mental breakthrough and am assiduously working on it.

To peak your curiosity further, it does, in fact, tell the story of Angus's stepfather, but not in the way I'd planned at all. I'm as surprised as you will be by the storyline. Angus has grown up and he and Sara have separated. But God has plans for them both.

Also, RACIN' HEARTS (Rodeo Girl Series) Book 3, will be released sometime in August, for those who've asked.

But the biggest news of all is also today's book cover release - WOLFE (Billionaire Boys Club) Book 3 is nearing completion. And here's something exciting, there's a Book 4. You'll have to wait for Book 3 to find out more about who's up next.

Here's the new Paxton Wolfe.


For a moment, she thought she’d dreamed of their lovemaking, but, the minutes passing, knew she hadn’t and wept for the craving that now captured her soul.

She’d needed him before for all the wrong reasons. She needed him now for only one – she loved him.


Billionaire bachelor, Paxton Wolfe, has everything money can buy and an aristocratic ancestry people respect. Good friends and business partners with Atlas Bellamy and Calix Steele, he’s set to become the face behind their newest, successful venture, a cruise line.

However, behind the walls of his eccentric mansion, a troubled childhood and failed engagement have hardened him. People are there to be used. He’ll take what he wants and never let heartache strike again.

Lovely songstress, Isobel Harding, is no exception to the rule. In her, his lust knows no bounds. But their toxic relationship exacts a high cost, and what he now wants the most might be lost forever.

Book 3 in the Billionaire Boys Club series by SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams Photography 
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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