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The Life and Times of Lucas McGilley
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Changin' Hearts (Rodeo Girl Series) Book 1
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The Quarter
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653: Rise of the Sun
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MISSING (The Sanders Family Series) Book 1
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Note:  Due to an oversight on my part, "653: Rise of the Sun" is still at 99cents. I've decided to leave it for another week, so be sure to download your copy before the sale expires on Friday, May 22nd.

What's Up Next:  I am working on the third and final book of the Billionaire Boys Club series. I appreciate the patience of everyone pensively waiting for it. I am also working on the third and final book in the Rodeo Girl series. Those two books are my main focus, but I have a number of others cooking in my brain, including a great deal of YA.

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Today's excerpt comes from one that promises to be extremely cute and sweet. Remington Saddler got caught toilet papering the neighbor's house and his friends have left him with clean-up duty. The neighbor's daughter, Shylar Raymond thought she'd be nice to him. But maybe that was a bad idea ...


Shylar Raymond stared through the window at the boy bagging toilet paper on their lawn and wondered why he’d ever found that a fun thing to do. Nights were for sleeping and Pastor Mathis had said they were to love their neighbor, not destroy their neighbor’s things. Plus, the boy didn’t seem too happy about cleaning up. Had he given that any thought before doing something so rash?

“Shy-shy, fix me a drink.”

Shylar looked down at her younger sister, Emily, and turned away from the window. Taking her hand, she walked with her into the kitchen, accepting the plastic sippy cup being waved in her face.

“You’ve outgrown that,” she said, filling the cup with fruit drink. “Mom told you to use a glass from now on.”

Unconcerned, her sister nabbed the cup and strolled off.

At least, she hadn’t tried to fill it herself. The last time she’d done that she’d poured almost all of it in the floor instead.

A new thought poked into her thinking. Maybe the boy would like something to drink. Switching cabinets, she dug out a red plastic cup, filled it with soda, and made her way out the front door.

The boy’s back was to her, his shirt sticky with sweat. Not wanting to startle him, she called out first. “Hey.”

He either didn’t hear her or didn’t care she was speaking because, his head ducked, he trudged on, a black garbage bag at his feet. She left the stoop and crossed the grass to try again. “Hey,” she said louder.

Still nothing. Stepping yet closer, she noticed earbuds. A wire snaked from his pocket over his shoulder to his ears. She reached out and tapped him on the sleeve.

Startled, he swung his elbow, the pointed bone impacting her teeth, and, eyes squeezed shut, she stumbled backward, upending the cup of soda, and landing hard on her rump. A steady throb formed in her bottom lip, the flesh pulling tight.

“Stupid,” he said. “What’d you go and scare me for?”

“I called,” she said, the pain in her mouth growing, “but you couldn’t hear me.” Actually, what she said sounded more muffled than that with her swollen lip. Her eyes swam with tears that she did her best to shove back.

“Here,” he said, pulling her to her feet. “If you’d been more careful, you wouldn’t look like a walrus right now.”

A walrus? Here, she was doing something nice, and he’d call her names? The tears she didn’t want to release came anyway and, a sob escaping, Shylar turned tail and ran.

Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams Photography 
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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