Saturday, May 2, 2015

Story Saturdays

Welcome to all new email subscribers. I hope you enjoy the free book in yesterday's subscriber giveaway. If you enjoy it, be sure to leave me a review. If you aren't a subscriber to my blog yet and you missed the giveaway, I'll be having another in a few months. You can subscribe by visiting the right-hand column of the blog or by clicking the "sign up" button on Facebook. (All emails are powered by Feedblitz and free of spam).

Also, I had a comment on my excerpt of CLARA from two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I cannot reply to comments on the blog, so to respond publicly - the book is still being written and hopefully will be completed before the end of the year. Stay tuned to the blog for release information.

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Look for my newest YA, Changin' Hearts, to be for sale at other websites within the next couple weeks.

Upcoming Books:

Here's a sneak peak at two YA I'm working on. The top is a romantic suspense. The bottom what I'm calling sci-fi fantasy crossover.

Today's excerpt comes from a book that doesn't have a cover yet. Unusual for me. It does, however, have a title - ONE AND ONLY.

Josiah Fox has just watched stepmother number five leave for a trip to Cancun, minus his dad.


He watched her go, wishing she’d stay gone longer than a month, then returned to the house. There was no sign of his dad anywhere, which meant he was probably having drinks at the club. Most likely, he hadn’t wanted to be here when she left and have to stare his failure in the eye again. He’d failed five times, more than that if you included his own mom. Josiah used to wonder how his dad got up in the morning and felt like a man at all, but anymore, he’d decided his dad didn’t. Instead, he drank away his endless marriages, numbing the pain with scotch or bourbon. He wasn’t a drunk exactly, but close enough.

He’d had to form his own idea of what a hero-slash-father-slash-husband was. Over the years, he’d picked traits he liked from friends’ parents, acquaintances he met at school or the church his mom used to attend, and melded them into a guy he called Ed. It sounded silly now, but as a boy it’d given him something to say when people asked about his dad. He’d describe Ed, and they’d be impressed, relieving him of the burden of telling the truth.

Ed was a pilot in the Air Force. His job kept him away from home, but he sent cards and gifts, bought him anything he needed. That part had been true. His actual dad never let them do without financially, but he never stepped into the role of father either. Ed, on the other hand, was the best dad ever. They played ball together, took father-son trips to the beach and the mountains, had season tickets to see the Knicks. The fact some of that didn’t mesh hadn’t mattered to him because it’d provided the security he needed, the belief that another human being cared about his life and he wasn’t the illegitimate son of a wealthy, neglectful, incapable entrepreneur.

Josiah changed his thoughts, setting his personal frustration aside, and turned on his computer. Bringing up a browser, he moved to a phone number search page and typed in “Treadwell, Brian.” There was one in his area, the address on Fishburne. Penning the number on a notepad, he reclined, thoughts of the girl raising his spirits.

“You want to make me your one and only?” she’d asked.

He wanted to have a one and only. He wanted to love someone so much he couldn’t see anything but her face, wanted to dedicate his life to making her happy, to be the man he’d dreamed up as a boy living in a single parent home. He wanted to be Ed, to treat a woman like his mom should have been treated, grow old with her and have fourteen grandchildren and a cemetery plot that took up an entire block.

Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams Photography 
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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