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Story Saturdays

Only 99 CENTS*:

Ichabod & Penelope
Cops & Robbers
For Tonight
Merry Christmas From Florida
Heaven & Earth (Western Women) Book 1
What A Woman Needs

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ME & TIMOTHY COOPER is now available as an ibook and at Scribd. All versions of the Kindle edition now included "I Kissed The Boy Next Door" and "The Best Week of My Life." $3.99

If you find either store more helpful for purchasing, please let me know. I'm debating about how many books to include at both sites.

PICK ME is now available at Barnes & Noble and KOBO. $1.99

Also, GLASS is available as a free borrow through the Kindle Unlimited program for a short period of time. 

On the writing front:

MOMMY WEARS A GREEN SHIRT (The Coralee Chronicles) Book 3 is nearing completion. I know there are readers waiting for this story. I promise to have it out before Christmas.

WINGS2 hit a major snag a month ago and had to be entirely revamped, so unfortunately, the story of Angus Finlay won't be out until sometime next year.

I finished writing 653: RISE OF THE SUN (Cyborg Romance Series) Book 1. It is on the editor's desk, but she has a day job. So I'm unsure of a release date. Book 2 will be called 852:  SPAWN.

In the future:

This YA series is in the works for next year. Here's a sneak peak at the covers, just to wet your whistle.

I have another YA series also for next year and a couple adult-contemporary series. But I'll hold those off for another day.

Today's Excerpt:

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, today's excerpt comes from the final book in The Coralee Chronicles. Here's an unedited glimpse of Thanksgiving with the Pirtles and Averys.

We sat around the table, the air warm, birds singing, and I suddenly had a lot to be thankful for. Though Dr. Blanton eating Thanksgiving with us was still strange.

We’d come a long way, Roman and I, from insecure teens to a married couple to soon-to-be parents, and I’d gone from being afraid of having a baby to embracing it. We’d had our first fight, and Roman had overcome, somewhat, his doctor hang up. I’d learned to put myself in his shoes. I was so blessed and had such a rich future to look forward to.

I swallowed the heaping of cornbread dressing on my fork, aware I looked like a pig at the trough, and inhaled, reaching for my napkin. “I’d like to say something,” I began.

Everyone paused in their conversations, their faces turned toward me.

“I have a couple months to go yet before Sue pops out …”

“Don’t say it like that, dear,” my mother said. “It sounds wrong.”

Laughter tittered around the table. I nodded at her. “Anyhow, I wanted to say I’m thankful for all of you. For Spencer …” I started with him because he was right beside me. “You always keep me grounded.”

He took my hand and squeezed it.

“For Cindy because I never know what you’re going to say.” She practically beamed at that one, but it was true, and she proved it.

“Since you brought that up,” she said. “I’m going to say having Thanksgiving with my gynecologist is fun.”

Dr. Blanton laughed along with everyone else, and it took a few minutes for things to die down before I could continue.

“I’m thankful for Mom and Dad because without both of you, I’d be toast.” My parents smiled back at me proudly. “And for Mr. and Mrs. Avery for taking me into your family and not minding the mistakes.”

“Well …” Mrs. Avery said, flapping one hand at me.

“For Grandpa …”

He gazed at me, clear-headed for once. I was so happy he’d come. He made things complete.

“You didn’t care I broke Roman’s nose.” My eyes were getting teary now, and honestly, I didn’t want to cry. But it was so easy anymore.

Coralee, I broke the pepper shaker. Me, in tears.

Coralee, the toilet’s stopped up. Me, crying.

I pulled in a breath to calm myself. “I’m thankful for Manuela, who works so hard for so little.”

“Soy bendecido,” she said.

Dr. Blanton translated it. “I am blessed.”

“You speak Spanish?” Cindy asked.

He nodded. “Did some missions work in Mexico.”

That answered a lot of questions, why he’d been drawn to Manuela being the biggest. I gazed at him, “And for Dr. Blanton, who isn’t old or gray or wrinkled and ugly, and a very good doctor.”

He grinned.

“And doesn’t mind that Roman is freaked by going to his office.”

This made Roman squirm and brought my gaze to him. He was the most important thing I had to say. I angled myself toward him best I could.

“I love you,” I said. “You’re steady and faithful and patient. You’re good to me, and I am so lucky.”

His cheeks reddened.

“We didn’t plan this … of course, we didn’t because we never plan anything.”

A few laughs rose in the background.

“But I like us that way,” I continued. “I like that you’re you and I’m me and together we’re us. And I know I’m cranky and eat too much and sent you all over town looking for Mama Betty’s sour pickles.”

“You did,” he replied, “and I found them.”

“I love those,” my mom inserted. “Where did you find them?”

He looked over my shoulder at her. “The feed store.”

“Really?” This came from Mrs. Avery. “But that makes sense, really. Mama Betty was their great great aunt.”

“I never knew that,” my mom replied. “Funny how life comes full circle.”

It did, and I reclaimed Roman’s attention. “I’m thankful for you the most,” I said. I leaned my head on his shoulder, and he kissed the top of my noggin.

Cindy shoved up from her chair. “That was beautiful, and I’d cry. But I seriously want pumpkin pie …”

And the moment was broken.

Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams Photography 
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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