Saturday, September 20, 2014

Story Saturdays

Newest Release:  MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM FLORIDA is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This sweet novella will put you in the mood for Christmas and maybe a little romance. Only 99 cents!

Also, the audiobook for GIVE ME CHOCOLATE (AND JORDAN) is now available for sale at Audible and Amazon. Only $6.95. Head on over and take a listen to the sample!

Book Cover News:  I have changed my custom book cover prices to reflect the difficulty of the work. If you are interested in inquiring, information is on the blog.

Also, I will sell a handful of premade book covers on the blog as well. These are $60 and will rotate as I make them available. To see what's currently offered, visit the above link.

What's in the works:  I am finishing up a Christmas YA entitled, SECRET ADMIRER, and (long range) the final book in the Coralee Chronicles, MOMMY WEARS A GREEN SHIRT. I warn you that story is funny! Even longer range: I am working on the final book in the WINGS series. I may or may not have that completed by Christmas.

My next releases will be SECRET ADMIRER and the first book in a historical western series, HEAVEN & EARTH.

Today's excerpt: Today's storyline comes from Wings2. In this scene, Sara Benedict is standing on the hospital roof speaking with an employee at the hospital.


“Miss? Are you okay?”

Hearing a male voice, Sara pushed to her feet and dusted off her backside. She brought a smile to her face. “I’m fine.” Her eyes landed on the cigarette in the man’s hand. A thin stream of smoke purled upward. “You should quit.”

He laughed and took another puff. “That’s what my mother says.” He altered his voice. “‘Hampton, one day those things are gonna take you, for sure.’”

Sara focused on his face. “You’ll be thirty. You’ll leave behind a wife and two kids. Her name is Mary, and theirs are Mark and Peter. They’re five and six years old.”

His face paled, and he dropped the cigarette to the ground and crushed it. “How … how did you know all that?”

“I know many things,” she said. “You hate this job. It’s why you started smoking again. You wanted to move home to Virginia, but thought this would pay better. It doesn’t. You’re also worried about your wife. She hasn’t been feeling well, but God wants you to know it will pass. The danger instead is in your lungs.”

“What … what can I do?”

Sara raised her hands in front of her. “Do you believe in heaven?”

He nodded. “S-sure.”

“Do you believe there’s any sickness there?”

The man shook his head. “No. Why would there be? Is … is that where I’m going? Are you a psychic?”

She smiled wider. “I am a child of the Creator, filled with His light … There is no sickness in heaven. Therefore, the words of the Scripture are fulfilled. ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.’” She reached her palms out and laid them on his brow, releasing the energy built in her form, and the man’s legs gave way. He slid to the ground in a heap.

She knelt at his side and prayed until he opened his eyes.

“What was that?” he asked.

“That was your salvation. Go home to Virginia,” she said. “Go back to church, and stop smoking.”

“I … I will.”

She helped him to his feet, and he scampered away, waving once before he went through the roof doorway.

Sara turned around and faced the edge again. “That was why I was here today,” she said to herself. “But I will be back … for someone else.”

Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams Photography 
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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