Saturday, June 14, 2014

Story Saturdays

Received a very nice random review of TATTOOED this week. Those are, truthfully, the best kind - unasked for. Be sure to download your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or KOBO. Only 99 cents!

★★★★★ "makes me want a man like Holden, post rock star. when I first came across this book and read the description I was skeptical, but something told me to read it and I was hooked. I couldn't put it down. God loves us all, no matter. Suzanne Williams did a great job with this one and I would definitely recommend this book to readers."

Also, received review #10 for LOVE & ROSES. $2.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KOBO.

★★★★ "The characters and the dialogue are believable and the story is well written. Ian and Allison have both suffered tragic losses and deep hurt. What starts out as a safe friendship evolves and has the potential to become a deep, meaningful relationship. First, both Ian and Allison have to come to terms with the past, forgive themselves and their spouses and let go of the "what if's," "why's" and "if only's.""

Check out what people are saying about my other new book offerings:

IT DON'T RAIN IN TEXAS: ★★★★★ "This Book Was Awesome, This Is The Kind Of Book I Could Read Over And Over. And For All Of You Who Looks For A Good Clean Book To Read, Well .... Here You Go .... I Would Choose This One ...." ~ "It was a book that I found was hard to have to leave while doing other important duties in life!"

THE GIRL IN THE PINK BIKINI:  ★★★★★ "Very cute book with a humorous hero and heroine." ~ "This Book Made Me Laugh, And It's For All Ages." ~ "If you are in the mood for a fun, sweet and quick read, this is it." ~ "I loved these two characters by Suzanne. I have so many favorite characters but I think this one wedged it's way to my heart. They were funny, and oh-so cute!"

GIVE ME CHOCOLATE (AND JORDAN):  ★★★★★ "I love how this was a twist on the 'girl falls in love with brother's best friend' storyline. I must say, I did NOT see it coming." ~ "a wonderful, clean story with the perfect ending!" ~ "I chose to give this book five stars for such a great and nifty and creative teen story!"

GIVE ME CHOCOLATE (AND JORDAN) hit #1 in Amazon Best-sellers/Christian Short Stories this week! How fun!

All sales links for any of the above stories can be found on the Book Page of my blog.


I completed A COWBOY FOR A LIFETIME, so look for that in the near future. Also, uow available at Amazon is a sweet summer read, TAKE ME AWAY.

She gazed at him, unblinking, and made to turn, but his hand cupping her chin, stopped her. Never had she felt more small and insignificant than she did right then, as if the entire earth wasn’t big enough for Neil Sanborn. Never had she felt more feminine, like the finest lace sewed to a leather vest.


Estelle Moore was sent to Mossy Bottoms to evaluate struggling Sanborn Farms for her boss’s next investment. But from day one, the sight of the owners’ son, Neil, on a cowboy pin-up calendar seemed to set the tone for the visit.

He was amazing, and she had no idea who she was dealing with.

Yet what he is on the outside hides his battle within, and, five days later, it looks like what little time they’ve had together is over for good.

Best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS, bring readers a story of love and courage that heals the heart.

HERE'S a sneak  peek at PLAY IT FOR ME (The Italian Series) Book 5, now available at Amazon. This is the last book in the series. You won't want to miss it!

He curled their values in his fist and tossed them away. They didn’t know what it was like to be him, to be forever sealed into a living tomb of his own making, to have here for a few days the most beautiful woman who would give him the solace he craved. They didn’t know what it’d be like to be held, to caress and embrace, and finally feel the freedom of it.

They were wrong. Their God, their beliefs, didn’t take any of that into account. They didn’t live in his head where sometimes the only words he knew were eighths and quarters and halves. They didn’t feel the torment of being unable to speak, unable to say exactly what was on his mind without limitation or reserve.

They didn’t understand darkness, how it cradled you sometimes, how it hid you others, but most of all, how it held you back. They didn’t understand, and so their opinions didn’t matter, nor the God of some woman who said prayer changes things. If that were true, then why was he still locked into this place? No, he’d set himself free.

Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams Photography 
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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