Saturday, May 10, 2014

Story Saturdays

NEW RELEASE this week is an adorable young adult romance short story, SHE LOVES ME ANYWAY. Only 99 cents at Amazon!

Also, FOR SALE at 99 cents at Amazon:

FOR ETERNITY (Time-Travel Romance) Book 1
FLIGHT RISK (The Italian Series) Book 1

Don't forget Book 3 in the Florida Irish series, FAITH & FORGIVENESS is available for purchase. $2.99 at Amazon.

My next release will be TATTOOED. Look for it within the next two weeks.

This week's storylines come from several different stories I'm working on. Enjoy!

*  Here was a perfect example of why men are so out of their league around women. All the chest thumping I did on a daily basis, all the minutes spent pumping my ego so I could leave home standing relatively tall, had just been reduced to a bucket of sand with one thought. Gazing at her, I knew if she told me to jump, I’d do it in hope it’d end with me reduced to the same pile of mashed potatoes Max had become. I wanted that feeling, wanted to be dazed and senseless. (DAZED & SENSELESS)

*  He looked like he’d swallowed an ostrich egg, and it would have been funny, except it hit her in the same instant, not only that she’d said it but also that she’d meant it. She wanted to marry him, have a white wedding, a three-tiered cake, a fabulous honeymoon. She wanted to know if they had more than what they’d always had and saw no better way than to take the plunge. (JUST BECAUSE)

I met the boy next door. His name is Corey. He saved Lindsey’s life. She reread her words then drew a heart around Corey’s name. Childish, but she simply had too much energy tonight and it made her feel good. Her smile seemed to stretch from ear to ear. A giggle escaping, she fell back on the bed, clasping the book to her chest. (PHENOMENAL)

*  Her dad’s study was a lesson in manliness. Wooden trim, wooden shelves, rich leather, and the smell of furniture polish dominated the room. All it really needed was a testosterone spritzer and some chest hair. (PICK ME)

*  How had this happened? How had she come this far to escape the very thing that now stared her in the face? Or was that how it worked? Short of locking yourself in a cage, you couldn’t escape. No matter where you went, it followed you around. A monster never satisfied. She knew because she’d tried and found with everything she fed it, it only grew larger. Hungrier. Starvation was the only solution. Or so she’d thought. (PK TEMPTATION, Lessons of Faith Series)

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