Saturday, May 31, 2014

Story Saturdays


With the exception of Sunday Photographs, I will be cutting back on my blog posts to every other week for the summer. My plan is to space my devotionals and Story Saturdays out so that there will be something new each week, and you won't become bored. This will relieve me of the burden of keeping up with them while I try to finish some writing.

This means there will not be a Story Saturdays post next week. However, regular, daily updates will be made on my Facebook Author page.

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On to writing ...

I've been working primarily on two stories this week, and so will share a storyline from each. Also, there's a taste of a new scifi story. Think cyborg.


There were enough cops per square inch in that place that she ought to be frightened, except this time she hadn’t done anything. Standing on the wet pavement, her red patent heels reflecting in the puddles, she scooped one hand through her long, blonde hair and contemplated the next ten minutes.

“Twelve cops. Five married.” She eyed the crowd. “Three divorced. Three dating … one, the girl on the end. And … bingo … Hello, Cutie,” she mumbled to herself.

Estelle obeyed, balancing the calendar in her lap. Nadine’s gaze altered, and Estelle slid it onto the desk. “Mr. October,” she said.

Nadine returned to her chair and ran one finger across the array of men, pausing on the one in question. “Neil Yummy Sanborn.” She pulled in a breath. “Every woman’s dream ’round about midnight.” She giggled. “You in the market?”

Estelle smiled. “Not personally, though I admit he’s tasty. I’m more interested in his story.”

“Calendar-wise? Or …?”

“Start there and work back.”

653 set his thoughts aside and turned his mind again to Lexie. Why him? There were two hundred and fifty-one babies born each minute across the world, that meant seven billion two hundred thirty-six million people, and counting, in the world’s population, three-hundred-twenty-two hundred million of which were in the United States alone. Surely, she could find a willing male amongst them.

“Why do you want me?” he asked. Perhaps he shouldn’t have, but his time spent with Lexie seemed to engender questions. “There are … dating services? For humans.”

She cast him a glance from her place behind the wheel. “I guess I should have explained more about love.” Her gaze moved forward, and she sounded calm, but her body language said otherwise. Fingers clutching tight to the wheel, she seemed reluctant to let go. “You can’t tell it when to show up.”

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