Saturday, May 17, 2014

Story Saturdays

My latest YA, SHE LOVES ME ANYWAY, is FREE Friday-Sunday, 5/16-5/18/2014. Be sure to download your copy of this sweet short story.

Also, TATTOOED, is now available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for only 99 CENTS for a limited time. Look for A GIRL IN THE PINK BIKINI (The Coralee Chronicles) Book 1, to be released in the next week. I am up to 15 releases for this year.

Also, FOR SALE at 99 cents at Amazon:

FOR ETERNITY (Time-Travel Romance) Book 1
FLIGHT RISK (The Italian Series) Book 1

I have a cover reveal this week. Here's this year's Christmas novella.


Here's this week's storylines. Enjoy!

*  He pressed one palm flat to its surface beside her head and dipped his face toward hers. His lips brushed lightly across her skin, and it was like he’d kissed her without kissing at all. Her words emerged breathy, pushed from lungs gasping for air and a mind suffused with some electricity that scattered her thoughts. (WAITING ON TOMORROW)

*  There was lots of blood. Blood on the counter. Blood on the floor. Blood on my hands. Amazed I hadn’t passed out already, I leaned over the sink and took a deep breath, contemplating exactly what I should do. I opted for screaming, which didn’t help my lightheadedness. My hope was that Reynold would hear me. He frequently did. I’d yell at him, and he’d yell at me. We had a yelling relationship. (48 CRAZY-WONDERFUL HOURS)

*  He’d been raised to believe that sometimes opportunities only came to you once, and if you pass them by, you lose them forever. Wren seemed like one of those, though evidently his feelings were not up to par with hers. That didn’t mean they wouldn’t be if he tried hard enough. (GOOSEPIMPLES AND BUTTERFLIES)

*  Angela had once shown him video displays of a range of human emotions – from sadness to anger and bitterness to affection and what she called lust. He hadn’t understood it really because to him every living thing was an object, no different from a table or a chair. They were size and proportions, formulas, configurations. There was nothing in them to be emotional about, and she’d said that was for the best. He’d work better without all that, but he had to see it to be around humans. (653:  THE RISE OF THE SUN)

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Nike Chillemi said...

Luv the cover. It's what made me click on the link at GA group. Great cover!!!

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