Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yes, God!

Someone proclaiming themselves a "godless" parent retweeted one of my books the other day, and beneath their name they'd penned the motto, "Happily Raising Atheist Children". I admit this floored me.

Setting their parental values aside, can you really be happy without God? Exploring this thought further, I mentally removed from my day anything that involves my Christian beliefs.

No prayer. Anytime something goes wrong, no need to ask for help because no one is listening but me.

No thanksgiving. Since I'm only reliant on me, I need only thank myself for whatever good I accomplish. Even you didn't have to help me, and I didn't have to accept it.

No rules. Since we're not believing in God, then toss out the Ten Commandments and any Biblical standards I hold. Pursuing this further, this makes all laws and commandments entirely up to my whim. You can tell me not to do something, but I don't necessarily have to listen to you.

There's only medical science. Since there's no prayer, whenever I get sick, I'm limited to what doctors know (or don't know). If they can't solve it then, oh well ...

I only make what I earn. I have to survive in this economy based solely on my own efforts. Nothing will come to me without I've worked my tokus off to acquire it.

As if all of that isn't bad enough, now, I can toss out Christmas. That is a holiday strictly about lights and trees. It has no purpose other than a once a year remembrance of the poor.

There's no Easter except for chocolate and bunnies laying eggs. No Resurrection play, because that's just a touching story.

No church service, because there's nothing to worship.
No worship - toss out hundreds of years of hymns and any song with any reference to God. This means we can shut down the entire Christian music industry. I mean, why bother when you're not actually believing in something that exists?

And along that same line, stop producing Christian books and materials. Fiction or nonfiction, it doesn't matter. If it centers around God, then it's worthless.

Remove any reference to "God" in the public arena. No "in God we trust" on your coins and dollars. No "I'd like to thank God" from anyone receiving any kind of award. No "acts of God" on the news. No, "God bless America" or England or Europe.

No "God bless you". You sneezed. Get over it.

Remove any miracles ever done in the past. We must now explain away anything that's ever happened out of the ordinary. God couldn't have done it because, once again, there isn't one.

There's no angels watching over you. If you fall, you're down for the count.

If there's no angels, then there's no spiritual beings of any kind, so no demons, no ghosts, no paranormal activity, no psychics. You can't have the Darkness if you're not going to embrace the Light.

This means the fact you're on drugs and at the bottom is entirely your fault. No one put you there. There was no devil leading you astray. You can point the finger at yourself.

If you die you die, and then it's all done because there's no heaven. Not for you. Not for your child that passed away at an early age. They were simply snuffed out. Gone.

There's no God, so we must rewrite history and remove any reference to religion. No one anywhere ever believed in anything. No Martin Luther. No Mother Theresa. No Muhammad or Buddha. No Reverend anybody.

Close religious schools. Shut down the churches, mosques, and synagogues, and everybody go home because I believe in nothing!

Friends, I don't know about you, but I'm now depressed, not happy. Without God, my life sucks, plain and simple. Without God, my future sucks, my children's future sucks, and the entire existence of the world has just been reduced to an accident where an amoeba decided to grow legs.

Truth is, there is no joy without God, and by removing Him from your life, you've excluded him from everyone else out there. You've just created a hopeless existence, altered history, and bankrupted nations.

You've given people for eons of time nothing to stand for, no reason to get up in the morning. You've eliminated Catholics and Jews, Christians and Islamists. If my God doesn't exist, then neither does theirs. No Buddism. No Hinduism.

No faith by anyone anywhere at anytime. That is, after all, what defines being an atheist. Godless. Not a living God, not a stone god, not a false god. No god at all.

In fact, remove the word "god" from the dictionary world over. Since there isn't one, we don't need it.

Seems to me that's incredibly wrong and impossible and foolish. Happiness only comes when you believe in Someone who you know is listening. Who will hear when you pray. Will heal you when you're sick. Will provide for you, despite all the odds. Will whisper encouragement in your ear, through the words of a book or a friend or a song because the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you and in me. (Rm 8:11)

There is our joy found. There where, despite what it looks like around us, despite what one person on a social network may profess they believe, God still exists.

God who was and is and is to come. (Rev. 4:8) The Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. The first and the last. (Rev 22:13)

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