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Story Saturdays

Don't forget to pick up your copy of DOWN FALL. It's been in the top 20 for Christian Fiction/Short Stories this week! Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KOBO for only 99 CENTS.

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FOR ETERNITY (Time-Travel Romance) Book 1 is discounted to 99 CENTS! Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KOBO. You won't want to miss Book 2, just released! Also available in audiobook.

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This week's cover reveal is also the excerpt. The story is not completed, but I do have a blurb ... to give you a tease.

I want to make one comment here about storylines. I believe that no person is beyond God's redemption, and though some of my stories may not have a direct reference to salvation, the morality of the Bible is always there. I seek to present characters who make mistakes and try to overcome them. If every story had two people in touch with God, it'd get boring to read after a while.

The fact is, life is messy, and love between two people can be messy. And painful. And, sometimes, wrong. My characters sometimes don't talk like they should, sometimes don't act like they should, sometimes they need God in the worst way. It's my job as the author to bring them back to that point, to a point where they face their lives and choose to do right. That's always my goal. But in reality, the paths people take are different, so the path my characters walk will be as well.

Enjoy today's selection.

“I’m not interested in Holly,” he replied. “I’m interested in Sloane, and whether or not she realizes it, she’s acting exactly how she should.”


“Young. Na├»ve. Inexperienced. If we were thirteen, then all you’re feeling would be appropriate. I can’t see that’s it’s changed because we’re not.”

“Shouldn’t it have? Shouldn’t I know how to be after …”

He cut her off. “After all you’ve done. Is that it? Because you’ve been Holly Hampton, who cheated on her spouse, you should automatically know what love feels like?”

She inhaled, a slight gasp that brightened her eyes.

“That scares you,” he stated, “the very idea that you could feel anything for anyone and it be real. But, Sloane, no one is beyond saving. No one. Not even you.”


Caught up in a world of make believe, soap opera star Sloane Krieger has forgotten who she really is. Worse, she’s written herself off as beyond redemption. What the world sees in her is what she’s become.

When up-and-coming actor, Noah Lee, is hired as her love interest, she finds in him, after hours, something she’s forgotten she could be – herself.

But the hardest part of her life is yet to come, and the one thing she needs to fall in love just might be the one thing she can’t quite accept. Forgiveness.

A unique story of two people searching for truth and finding romance along the way by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

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