Saturday, April 12, 2014

Story Saturdays

The big news this week is the release of a historical romance I began almost two years ago. It's only 99 cents for this first month, so be sure to download your copy. Currently available at Amazon.

The humid air seemed to suck the life out of the conversation. He glanced at Aurelia. “If you need anything …” he said, his voice dropping.

Her lips quivered, and his thoughts scattered. What she needed she couldn’t have. What she wanted was forbidden for them both.


Jacob Flynn lost his wife and son in childbirth and fled south to Florida to escape the memories. But in, Aurelia Cotton, the pregnant wife of a kind man who took him in, they come back to him. She’s so very beautiful.

Helplessly in love, he finds himself pressed closer and closer to the ultimate act of betrayal, when tragedy strikes.

Yet the evil someone meant for selfish gain, just might be their one chance for forgiveness.


I've been plotting a string of YA Romance novellas. Above is a look at the covers.

Today's excerpts come from a YA I have almost completed, GIVE ME CHOCOLATE (AND JORDAN) and a classic, FLIGHT RISK (The Italian Series) Book 1.

Jordan was Gary’s best friend, and someone I’d known as long as I could remember. We’d grown up together. He spent nights at our house, ate our food, rode in our car. My dad had called him “son” and my mom doctored his cuts and scrapes. I could tell you what size clothes he wore, what his favorite colors were, what movies he loved and hated.

He was as much my brother as Gary was. Or was supposed to be.

There was the trouble. Unlike Gary, who would always be related to me, always have the same mom and dad, same brown eyes, same honey-colored hair, sometime in the last year it had hit me that Jordan did not. Completely unplanned and out of my control, he’d changed from my brother’s bf into something I wanted worse than chocolate candy. And that was saying something.


Also in audiobook at Audible! 

“Giovanni,” she said softly.

God, help him. His name on her lips said like that made this worse. He did not want to like this female.

“Ask me my name,” she said.

He swallowed hard. A ray of sunlight struck her face and her eyes shone, not brown like he’d thought, but green and gold. A thought shook him awake. She was playing him again, testing his resolve. He leaned toward her on one hip, halving the distance.

“You’re missing the view.”

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