Saturday, April 5, 2014

Story Saturdays

First, enter to WIN a $20 Amazon gift card by posting a link to your new review this week of one of my YA (young adult) books over on the Christian Fiction Books blog.

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Also, stroll over to The Old Stone Wall and enter the giveaway of the children's book, "Archibald and the Fiery Furnace." A super cute story with vivid pictures!

Next, Book 4 of The Italian Series is now available for purchase at Amazon. Only $2.99 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS features Benito Bottari. You won't want to miss it. Only one book left in the series!

Also, don't forget to download your copy of WINGS (Paranormal Romance #1) while it's only 99 cents. The price goes up after Easter! Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, an KOBO.

 This week's excerpts come from a historical fiction story I hope to finish in the next couple days, DOWN FALL, and the final book in the Italian Series, PLAY IT FOR ME. Available in a couple months!


“You’ll have to take your shirt off, so I can see the damage. But first, we must remove the splinter.” She proceeded to pluck the shard of wood and set it aside, then gently pried the slit fabric from his skin. She motioned toward his collar. “Go ahead.”

But he hesitated, curling his fingers into a fist. He shouldn’t.

“I’ve seen a man’s chest before,” she said. “Yours won’t be the first.”

At this, he loosened the top button, proceeding downward until his shirt gapped open. He shrugged it off one shoulder, and she sucked in her breath, the sound rapid, involuntary, followed by the flare of her nostrils and spread of her lashes.

Time suspended. Standing there, face to face, he lost himself, drinking in the palpitation at the base of her throat, the tendril of hair curling over her temple, the supple scent of her skin. She said nothing and made no move to tend his arm. The trickle of blood on the wound congealed.

A spell. They were under some sort of spell cast by circumstance and fate. But the timing was wrong. The situation inappropriate. And impossible.

The entire city seemed perfectly painted across the span of the horizon, as if this apartment in this building were placed here for that very reason. Even the highway she’d just traveled was poetic, the rush of red taillights, ballet.

 “No wonder …” No wonder he didn’t leave. With those windows, he owned the town.

Mesmerized, she lost herself in the pace of the city, in the flash and sparkle of a million lights and the slow, blinking pace of an airplane descending from the black sky behind distant high rises. The town’s ethereal glow captured everything, encapsulating it, dreamlike.

“Magnificent, isn’t it?”

Whirling, Kati faced the tall shape on the far side, her breath fleeing.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

He walked further into the room, and her lungs compressed. He was the invalid? But he was young and healthy and … extremely handsome.

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