Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So Do I

I saw you ...

The abusive spouse, belittling your wife and your kids. Making a scene so everyone there would look your direction.

I saw you ...

The wife, head bowed, eyes downcast, afraid to speak for fear of being beaten again. Giving in to the horribleness of a man not deserving of you.

I saw you ...

The children whose father won't speak to them as an adult, but as half a man, one with no self-control, no thought other than himself.

I saw you ...

A rail-thin couple with five children being escorted from the grocery store. Unwashed with matted hair and no shoes who did nothing but cry.

I saw you ...

A father, taking your child, age four, aside and cursing at him. A boy, a baby, really, who didn't understand why you were so angry or what he'd done wrong.

I saw you ...

The mother of four teenage boys, deliberately misbehaving in church, unable to make them stop, snapping at them in vain.

I saw you ...

The father of those boys who did nothing but sit there. Not even turning around to support your wife. Frankly, it's no wonder your boys act that way. And you'll wonder later why they've grown up to be what they have.

I saw all of you. Neglectful. Abusive. Uncaring. Expecting your children to somehow magically become something when you've given them nothing to work with.

Don't tell me it's not possible. Don't tell me kids are "simply like that." Don't tell me it wasn't your fault, you tried your best, I don't understand.

Because I also saw the boy who offered to tote my tray to the trash for me at a fast food restaurant. No one told him to, he simply did it. God bless his parents.

I also saw the boy who picked up his toys when he was asked, didn't argue, showed respect.

I also saw the teenager who took the time to greet her elders, hug their neck, say, "I love you."

And I see in the eyes of my own child, a girl who knows right from wrong, understands the power of prayer, the importance of goodness and kindness and morality.

I've met good parents who raise good children to live good lives, so I know it's possible.

But I also know if I don't pray for you, then who will? Who besides me will sit down and say, "God help that man love his wife. Help his wife stand up for herself and protect her children. Help his children know God loves them even when it seems no one else will."

"God, for those five whose mom and dad so riddled by poverty and drugs can't provide for them. God, bless them today. Put food in their mouths and love in their hearts and joy and safety."

"God, for the father who did nothing to help his wife, for the mother who couldn't make her sons stop, for the sons who didn't want to listen. Be there for them as well. Pour Your peace into their household, peace beyond measure, without limit of time or space."

"And God, for all those I've forgotten ... for the young girl who gave it all away to some boy at school thinking that was right and would fix something inside ... for the boy molested by his teacher when he should be learning and growing and being young ... for the girl picked on by others, made fun of to the point she didn't value her own life ... for all of these, Lord, I pray for them."

"God, I pray for the children, who horrible, awful adults with misguided minds have ruined. Destroyed. Shattered. Wiped out."

"Because You see them. What was done in darkness, You've brought to light. You were there, and the pain in Your heart was as great as the pain in theirs. You loved them at that moment. Unconditionally. Unlimited. Unreserved."

Therefore, so do I.

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