Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hold On, God ...

Welcome to the game of life! I'm your announcer, Ina Middle, and have here with me my fellow commentator, Les N. Half.

In the left-hand corner, sporting the blue trunks, we have John Doe. John is a married, father of two, whose hobbies are complaining about his problems and blaming others for anything that goes wrong.

John is new to the game, but shows a lot of potential. Let's give him a hand!

Wow, John is popular, Les.

Yes, seems that way, Ina. But we must address the opponent. Standing in the opposite corner, wearing white trunks, we have the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ.

Oh, come now, viewers, this is the Man who won the ultimate fight over death, hell, and the grave. I think for that He deserves a little more consideration.

Tough crowd tonight, Ina.

Yes, Les, it is, but this should be a good one because we have the ultimate referee, the Father of Christianity, the Creator of the Universe, the One who wrote the rules ...

.... WAIT. What?

God as umpire? I think not.

God is not some neutral arbitrator placed there to watch while you stumble around, making lousy decisions.

God wasn't hired by some outside force because He happens to know the rules.Nor is the fight you're in against the Man who died to save your soul.

It's also not your job to police the public or Hollywood or government, no matter how frustrated/misinformed you are about what's on the screen.Christians are some of the quickest people to take offense that I know.

Stop it, and get the facts straight, folks, because you look like a fool, swinging your fists in mid air. You're the rat in the wheel never moving out of place and yet running as fast as you can.

God is not there "just in case" we need Him. Nor can we make our own game and limit God, the Creator of the universe, to the occasional whistle call.

You do that and you'll find yourself out of the game because that's your final move, the one that'll have you blind to the real danger and thus, completely knocked out. Which is ridiculous when He's already given you the championship to start with.

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