Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Photographs

Took a trip over to Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales this past week, so have a a few photos from there. It was pretty, as always, with early signs of spring.

First, here's a view of the tower itself.

Bok Tower, 2-19-2014 photo Panorama1-800_zpsee41c867.jpg

The camellias were in bloom.

Camellia 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0224_zps7a330e87.jpg

Camellia 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0228_zps5df27a79.jpg

Camellia 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0221_zps7a8c0e5d.jpg

Camellia 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0271_zpsdb29f2e7.jpg

And the azaleas

Azalea 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0253_zps694a5b80.jpg

Azalea 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0269_zpsafe0cf1b.jpg

Azalea 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0277_zps7f631ff5.jpg

Also the orchids

Orchid 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0212_zpsbeb47930.jpg

We found a butterfly (monarch) on a bed of dianthus.

Monarch Butterfly 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0216_zpse7e31554.jpg

Here's a look at one of the garden paths.

Path 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0251_zps76055610.jpg

One of my favorite images, however, was of a blue jay. This was taken through a plate glass window.

Blue Jay 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0308_zpsb1591226.jpg

So was his friend, the squirrel.

Gray Squirrel 2-19-2014 photo 500-DSC_0309_zps91d7f79a.jpg

This last image was taken at my grandmother's old place, not the gardens, but what an amazingly beautiful passionflower.

Passonflower 2-21-2014 photo 500-DSC_0310_zpsd85f1aa5.jpg

I omitted 2 pictures of Pinewood Estates. To see those visit, my 2014 album at Photobucket.

Suzanne D. Williams 
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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