Saturday, February 8, 2014

Story Saturdays

I received a couple nice reviews this week and two odd comments attached that leave me scratching my head. Not sure who Solomon is or what was inappropriate, but ...

A MIRACLE FOR MARI: ★★★★★ "a good read. We all make mistakes & even as Christians we are shown great mercy. Would like to know what happens after she gets her miracle..."

SUIT: ★★★★★ "I really enjoyed this book. I fell for the underdog. The character was believable. There were times I have felt like her. I look forward to reading another of Williams works."

I KISSED THE BOY NEXT DOOR: ★★★★★ "Solomon good! Anyone would love this book!!!!!!!!! A little inappropriate but good how it was made and really funny!! I loved it!"

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I've been working on the completion of Book 4 in the Italian Series, Benito Bottari's story, SAY IT WITH FLOWERS (excerpt below). However, I did create a new cover this week for a story idea I'm excited about. I think I'll withhold the details for now, but the cover was complicated and time-consuming, so I wanted to share.

That said, I'm going to start a new feature on the blog. Bi-monthly I will be posting graphic design tips. I get comments and questions all along and this will give me a chance to address them. How I created this cover will be my first posting. Look for that on Tuesdays.

Note the new symbol prominent on the cover (the heart and the word "romance"). I will be including this on my non-YA covers from now on.

LOVE & ROSES and SUIT were sitting at the top of the Christian/Short Stories chart this week. Yay. Be sure to download your copy in the next week because the 99 CENT pricing will change after Valentine's Day. (Download links are on the blog). WINGS will be my next release.

Here's your storylines for this Saturday:

“I have no right to say this, but I … I wish things were different.” He drew in a laden breath. “Things trouble you? It’s not my business. But again, if things were different, I would fix it.” He brought one hand to her cheek, and she leaned it against his palm.

“He’s not here,” she said, “and you make me happy.”

“I shouldn’t come between you …”

She crept yet nearer and the warmth of her body enfolded him. “I want you here,” she said. “His loss, your gain.” She repeated his own words.

Would it were so. Would this … this … whatever this was could be real and possible and not tied down by difficult circumstances.

“Tell me I’ll see you again,” she said.

His stomach constricted, his hesitation returning. This was wrong. He couldn’t put himself back in this place. But how could he deny it? And if he didn’t deny it, what happened then? The boyfriend returned, and his life once again, exploded around him.

She closed herself in her bedroom and fell down on her knees. Head inverted, face buried in the bed cover, she dedicated herself to prayer. Prayer for her brother, who tried too hard to control things he shouldn’t. Prayer for the teacher she’d saved. Prayer for Angus Finlay.

All wasn’t right with him. She’d known that from the start, but for once, had kept it to herself. Trouble at home. Someone he fought against. That was as clear as the signal had gotten. Yet he’d experienced the Light, which meant he was pure, and purity was the first quality.

Purity. Faithfulness. Temperance. Meekness. Strength. Only one who exhibited all five would be right, and she wanted him to be right. The temptation to beg ensnared her, yet she did not. God responded to obedience and faith, not pleading. In the end, His plans for her would come to fulfillment only through patience and grace.

99 Cents

Stefan shook his head at that. “What’s with the ‘Lilac’? She said her name was Liane.”

Apollo inhaled. “She reminds me of them,” he said.

Stefan’s expression said he didn’t follow.

“They’re the first thing you smell when you go outdoors,” he explained. “And they stick with you afterward.”

“Sounds about right, and here, I didn’t know you were poetic.”

Apollo turned his head away, his thoughts drifting down to the pool. “I’m not, but maybe now I am.”

Suzanne D. Williams 
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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Tonja Saylor said...

I've never listed to an audio book on audible, but would love to try it out. I prefer non-YA. I'm not sure about the Solomon comment either. Maybe it was an autocorrect thing. I've had some strange ones get past me.
Tissakay at aol dot com

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