Saturday, February 15, 2014

Story Saturdays

Up front, EDEN is available in audiobook at Audible. I'm excited about this release because the narrator did a perfect job, not one mistake in reading. Be sure to listen to the sample.

Also, WINGS is now available at Amazon. It will be for sale at B&N and in paperback form within a week's time. I encourage you to get this book. The message of the power of God is so strong in it that I know it will bless you.

This week I've been working on a story I completed over a year ago and did nothing with, TATTOOED. I've revamped the cover. I might use it as an example for a Graphics 101 blog one Tuesday. But let me just tease you a bit and say you simply have no idea how long it took.

Here's this week's storylines. Enjoy!

The elevator doors, some twenty feet down the hospital corridor, gave a metallic clank, discharging a slew of reporters, who, gazes sharp and cameras focused, forged Charity’s direction like one great beast. Forming a phalanx around her, the crowd of a dozen or so men and women blasted questions one overtop the other, all of which began with, “Mrs. Lang … Mrs. Lang …”

A broad-chested man in a tweed sport coat stuck a mic in her face. “Holden Lang is quite a catch. How come we hadn’t heard about his marriage until now?”

The snap of a camera flash sent dots swirling in her vision, and she reversed.

“Rumor says he’s been hiding you at his private estate,” said another.

He leaned his hands on the metal wall, an almost casual stance. “It doesn’t bother you to take someone’s life like this?”

She tossed her head, sending her dark brown locks swirling around her head. “Obviously not. I’m here, aren’t I? They wanted the best, so they hired the best.”

“And you’re the best?” he asked.

She snorted. “I’m done talking.” Arm stiffening, she made to squeeze the trigger.

But in one swift motion, he spun around, twisting her wrist, and wrenched the gun away. He smashed her backwards toward the wall, and she flew sideways, smacking the building with a thump.

He aimed the gun at her heart. “I’m not done living.”

It was the same dream he always had. Darkness surrounded him, along with a thick fog he couldn’t see through, then hands pushed him hard enough he stumbled and fell, landing his full weight on the palms of his hands. He tried to stand after, but a foot kicked him, forcing him flat on what seemed to be concrete, but gritty, rasping. It ground into his skin.

Then came a tremendous boom and sharp pain in his chest; a distinct wetness spread through his shirt and outward. Gasping, his mouth working like a fish brought out of the water, he tried to breathe and form words but couldn’t. He didn’t want to die, not now, not here.

Antony Mirelli shot up in bed, his chest corded tight, sweat filming his skin. Hanging his head between his knees, he shoved the bed covers aside, beckoning cool air to wash over him.

Why did he keep dreaming that?

There’d be no sleeping now. The desire to even try was gone. He pulled himself up, his pajama bottoms slipping down on trim hips, and ran one hand over his abdomen.

Suzanne D. Williams 
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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