Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'll Get There

So let them be. They are blind guides. What happens when one blind person leads another? Both of them fall into a ditch. (Mt 15:14 VOICE)

Arms extended, hands groping, I stumbled along, a grin on my face, the only light in my little world the slit in my blindfold aimed at the floor. But that was all right, I didn't mind because the guy ahead of me had already walked this way.

True, he stumped his toe once. Twice. Okay, three times. After all, he couldn't see either. But I have a warning it might happen, so if it does, at least I expect it.

What's a little foot damage anyway? I'll get there ... eventually. Faith and patience inherit the promise, you know.

I only have to avoid this little diiiiiiitch.....

The thing about falling in a ditch is you have to climb out of it after. Plus, now my legs are covered in grass and the seat of my pants is wet. I'm dirty, tired, and I think I sprained my ankle.

It was really dumb to choose to walk this way. I mean, the blindfold was pretty, but I had plenty of light without it. (1Jn 1:5) Plus, God pointed the way I should go. (Is 30:21) Told me what gate to enter. (Mt 7:13)

I could have halved the time and distance, gotten there so much quicker, and kept my friend from hurting herself as well if I'd only paid attention.

It's so clear. God wanted me to take this trip with my eyes wide open, my view the bounty around me, my hands full of His blessings, my ears listening to His voice. He wanted me to stop living in the dark.

I mean, why swim across the ocean when God has provided a ship? Makes no sense. I see that now.

The Procrastinator (The Amanda Show)

Suzanne D. Williams 
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

1 comment:

lynnmosher said...

What a great post, Suzanne! I love your ending question: I mean, why swim across the ocean when God has provided a ship?

Blessings to you! Lynn

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