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Story Saturdays - A Miracle For Mari

I have pushed out 4 new releases this week in time for Christmas, but first, don't forget to enter the FALL IN LOVE WITH A NOVELLA event on the blog. Leave a comment and you just might win one of five excellent novellas. Good things come in small packages!

LIFE & DELIVERANCE (The Florida Irish #2) is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KOBO. $2.99

When Michael O’Fallen walked out of Amber’s life, she never got over it. Now, things around her are falling apart, and she’s tired of living the way she has.

There is nowhere else to run—but into his arms. Or so she thought. Yet he has a wife and a child he adores, and a best friend unlike anyone she’s ever known.

How does she fit in? Can she forget her past? And what of the secret she carries that might destroy them all?

1st paragraph pg. 25:
"He’d thought about asking her to the dinner all night and had come to the conclusion the Biblical phrase “the war with the flesh” was apt. His flesh wanted one thing. His common sense another, and he wasn’t sure which side had won except he’d decided it was uncharitable not to include her."


EDEN is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, only 99 cents!

The last thing Eden Riske expected when she came home was the discernment of fellow teacher Austin Lowell. Football coach, history teacher, fitness buff, Austin is strength and patience in a handsome package.

However, it seems even his presence can’t stop the rumors swirling around her or the hatred of someone determined to do her harm. But this job is supposed to be her salvation, her way out of her troubled past.

Except now, everything is falling apart, and the one thing that might destroy her is the very secret she’s held inside for so long.

1st paragraph pg. 25:
 He smiled and patted her shoulder. “It’s okay. I’ll do my best, but I think you needed a reminder.” He waved her toward the interior of the house.


SOMETHING ITALIAN (The Italian Series #3) is now available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Only 99 cents!

Dr. Marco Bottari has heard many stories from his patients, some more heartbreaking than the rest, and he’s learned how to show compassion while holding them at arm’s length. But something about Patricia Fanning is different. She’s beautiful, for one. Pregnant and single, she’s also scared.

The good guy in him simply won’t let him walk away, especially when a dead body is found in her trunk right outside his clinic. She has no one else and nowhere to go. Yet what starts as a helping hand, soon involves his heart, and a split-second decision that may have sealed his fate forever.

1st paragraph pg. 25:
“Fancy meeting you here,” he said.


Today's excerpt comes from A MIRACLE FOR MARI, now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Only 99 cents!

A fall from grace. A miracle of life. A gift of forgiveness.

Mari Tatum has a secret. Forced to be Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the church play, she finds herself working alongside Shay McNab, the very boy she’s keeping a secret from.

Yet in the story of Christ’s birth, she finds that in God’s hands her fall from grace can become a miracle.

I featured an excerpt from this story on March 16, 2013. Today's excerpt comes from the second scene of Chapter 2. Mari comes face to face with Shay McNab for the first time since she found out she was pregnant. He doesn't have a clue.


“Take a seat, and I’ll hand out the parts,” Miss Margaret said.
Shay couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was as beautiful now as she’d ever been. Only, instead of the smile that sucked him in, her lips turned down at the corners and the spark in her eyes was gone. Framed there instead was fear and discouragement.
How’d she get roped into playing Mary? Because no way she volunteered, not given … given—
She glanced away from him, and he transferred his gaze down to Miss Margaret’s shoes. She wriggled her fat toes in a pair of well-worn sandals.
“Here’s your lines, Arlen,” Miss Margaret said, handing him a printed sheet. “You should remember them well enough from last year. And shepherds, here’s yours. Note, I’ve colorized each of your individual lines so you won’t become confused. Spend some time studying them this year.”
She swiveled her head. “Now, Mari, have you ever ridden a donkey?”
At the sound of Mari’s name, Shay looked up.
She was staring at him. “No,” she said.
“Well, perhaps since you and Shay are so close, you can go over and give it a whirl ahead of time.”
Mari’s cheeks turned pink and she opened and shut her mouth.
Shay cleared his throat. “It … it isn’t necessary, Miss Margaret. I’m sure she’ll do just fine.”
Miss Margaret inhaled. “I guess if you’re sure, but I want her to be comfortable.”
Mari’s expression changed, and he couldn’t read it. Was she angry? Sad? He was only trying to help. Why did he feel like he’d made yet another blunder?
Miss Margaret rambled on. But none of it entered his hearing. Focused on Mari’s face, suddenly all the things he hadn’t said to her sat there like lead.
Jittery, he rubbed his fingers up and down his pants leg.
She didn’t want to speak to him. He could never apologize enough. But what if he didn’t apologize at all? She’d remember that. He could offer … something, some kind of I’m sorry.
The clock turned ten and Miss Margaret finished her speech. She set practice for Tuesday evening at seven o’clock and dismissed. Mari rose from her chair and scooted out the doorway without looking back.
Determined to speak to her, Shay followed and caught up to her a few paces down the hall. “Mari, stop.” Snagging her arm, he pulled her to a halt. Her skin warmed beneath his fingers.
She yanked her arm free and turned.
“I know you hate me, and I deserve it,” he said. ‘I can’t ever take it back, but if I could …”
Her lip quivered and her breathing became uneven. “You have no idea what you’ve done,” she whispered.
Yes, he did. He’d ruined them and broken her heart.
“I shouldn’t have told anyone,” he blurted. “It was between us.”
“It was wrong.” She emphasized each word.
“Yes, it was, but Mari, I … I love you.”
Her words spiked into him. “You loved yourself more.”
She backed away, and with each inch between them, his insides ached stronger. She turned the corner, and he pressed a hand to his chest. Was the pain in his chest real or was this just the feeling you got when your life had fallen apart?

Suzanne D. Williams  
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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