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Story Saturdays - Wings

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Today's excerpt comes from an paranormal romance I'm working on titled, WINGS. It's an allegorical story about a girl set apart from the world by the power of God's Light in her. I plan to release this story in time for Easter 2014.

Angus Finlay, a boy Sara Benedict met at school, has more and more become integral in the task God has sent her to do. He doesn't have her calling or her faith, but is receptive to the gospel and the truth behind the things he's already seen her do.

In this scene, Sara has risen at dawn to worship, as she does every day, rain or shine, and takes Angus along to view it.


“We must go,” she said. She waited for him only long enough to rouse her brother and for them both to find shoes, then turned, unspeaking, and left the room.
Angus followed along behind her, Campbell at his back, and was surprised when she opened the back door. The darkness was enveloped in a thick fog, cloying dampness making each inhalation challenging. Yet Sara pushed ahead, fading from view.
For a moment, he wondered exactly what he was doing. Then Campbell’s hand on his shoulder steered him further across the dew-laden soil into an open field. Despite the fog, he could see it was a large area, acres and acres of grass with what must be pine trees on the horizon. The remaining night stars glimmered overhead.
Campbell pulled him to a halt and nodded her direction. “Watch,” he said.
Watch what? Sara’s slim silhouette stood barely visible against the midnight blue sky. She halted ahead and stretched out her arms to either side, turning her palms upward. At this motion, the sky flashed, as if the stars acknowledged her presence.
Angus glanced upward. Had he really seen that?
But at the sound of her voice, it came again. They blinked in a wave, a kaleidoscope of color from east to west that grew in brilliance to a shade of Light he’d never seen before, and her words intensified, words similar to those she’d spoken over Mrs. Butler, yet somehow not alike at all. These were singular, each one more crucial than the last.
She lifted her arms higher and the stars seemed to bow toward the horizon, where a thread of Light came, Light in that same unearthly shade. It sought her out, stretching its rays in the darkness solely to her face, and in that instant, she changed. No longer was she a girl in blue jeans and a t-shirt, but a glowing orb of pure, heavenly brilliance.
Her song ceased and she lifted as it were from the earth, her feet not touching the ground, to not a great height, perhaps ten feet or so, but one not suspended or held by anything. And the Light spread a beam, stretching, reaching through her toward him, and smacked him full in the face. Fire raced over his limbs, not as heat, but incredible power. The same he’d felt from her hands at school only stronger. He crumpled beneath the strength of it, his body sagging to the earth, his face laid flat against the ground, and a shape walked across the space between them.
It paused before him, a man, but a man greater than other men. Waving one arm outward, his commanding voice said, “Look and believe.”
Unable to turn his head anywhere else, Angus followed the gesture to that of a tomb, a space blocked by a stone. It was the edge of dawn, and walking toward the tomb were two women, both wearing long gowns and head coverings. As they neared, an earthquake came, the ground vibrating, quivering, and Light split from the tomb, its color bleached white. Then the stone rolled away, without hands, without any effort at all, and a man emerged.
He sat upon the stone, his eyes shooting sparks, his face too dazzling almost to look upon, and he spoke to the women. “Fear not. You seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as He said.”
The vision ceased and the Man who’d spoken was hidden by a column of cloud, obscuring the surroundings, then dissipating in the air. The power that had held him down lifted, and Angus peeled himself from the soil. 
Sara knelt before him, dressed in white. She laid a hand to either side of his face.Her touch was light, gentle, and he felt no fear. He glanced behind, but Campbell was gone. “Your brother …”
“Hush,” she said. “And watch, for the dawn comes.”
He raised his eyes to the sky and the sun slipped over the horizon, a million shades of color embracing the land, and Sara became a girl again. She was soaked to the skin, her hair stuck to her cheeks, her clothing sodden.
She took his hand, and the power which had flowed between them flowed once again. He stared down at it. “I don’t understand.”
“Come,” she said. “We’ll go indoors, and I’ll attempt to explain.”

Suzanne D. Williams  
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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