Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer Love Blog Hop

Win an autographed PAPERBACK copy of ME & TIMOTHY COOPER (Young Adult Collection #1) and a signed postcard. ENTER BELOW.
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5-star reviews for ME & TIMOTHY COOPER

★★★★★ "Snappy and fun! * It made me smile, laugh, and cry. I wish this could be real life. * omg is it sssssssoooooooo good im already reading it again (even tho i kno wat happens) * This is a must read for teens that like romance!!!!!!!!!* If Timothy Cooper were thirty years older I'd marry him myself! * Amazing * this is the perfect book!!!!!!!:)* There is not a better book in the world * I absolutely loved this book!!! * One of the best books ever * AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! * I Love this book so much. It's my favorite! Gaaah I loove it !! * Love story's best * I was just glued to the book! * Suzanne is a mint author I love her books there so good you just can't put the book down! * This book amazing and worth the 97p xxx really it should be more than that as its so good xxx bring out a sequel!  * I hope I can get my very own Timothy Cooper!"

CHECK OUT "A MINUTE WITH TIMOTHY COOPER" previously hosted on the blog. What does TIM have to say about his fame?

Fall in love all over again. Feel-good, best-selling romance.

ME & TIMOTHY COOPER -- Seventeen-year-old Taylor Lawton has a crush on Timothy Cooper, a boy at her school. A turn of fate then throws them both for a loop. For an entire week, they will stay beneath the same roof. Will this be too much togetherness? What is Timothy's painful secret?

I KISSED THE BOY NEXT DOOR -- The new boy next door is not so new. To Lucy McKinsey, he's a face from her past and a childhood memory of summer camp and a dare. Kiss Jackson Phillips. But what a fourteen-year-old would do to impress her friends, changes in three years. Right? Yet this time Jackson isn't the same as he was. What is the pain he carries inside? Can a well-meant kiss cure the boy next door?

THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE -- Accidents happen to Daphne Merrill a lot. So falling face-down at the feet of Carter Pruitt while on vacation was simply another in a long list of her misfortunes. Yet what started out as the worst day ever is looking up with each minute that passes. Is it possible he actually likes her for who she is? Or is he yet another person laughing behind her back?


Suzanne D. Williams  
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.


Shadowwolf said...

This sounds like a wonderful story! Would love to read it!

Shadowwolf said...

What draws me to Christian romance is that I see God's heart in it. I see a glimpse of how He sees me, how He loves me, and how I am cherished by Him. It helps to slowly heal and encourage me in this draining and severe world that we live in.

Laura J. Marshall said...

Entered. I've read all of them and would love to gift this to someone for Christmas. :)

Kathy Osborn said...

God's love shines through each time during the story. I believe God watches over us with love and gives us strength to face each day.
Thanks for the hop and giveaway.

Sophia Rose said...

I think it is the take it has on romance because of the God-centeredness and Biblical values underlying the story.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Jessica said...

I just love a good love story that involves the love of God also.


Jan Hall said...

I love Christian romance because not only do I get to read a good clean story I also see how Christians are tempted but how they keep from giving into temptations. Sure wish I had seen these books when I was a teen more than a few years ago.

Bulk sms said...

Thanks for posting am just looking Rss Feed.

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