Saturday, July 13, 2013

Story Saturdays - The Stuff Stories Are Made Of

You never know what a story is made of. LOVE & REDEMPTION was birthed out of the short-lived TV show, The Finder. The thought that the girl, Willa Monday, would be forced to marry a boy she didn't want to gave me the original seed thought. 

The story behind my latest time-travel romance novel, FOR ETERNITY, came from Dana Pratola's book Descended ~ Jett. She took paranormal romance and made it Christian and riveting, and I had to make my own try. My YA books came about after writing a particularly hard storyline in the Irish Series. Frankly, I was burnt. So the lighthearted plot of ME & TIMOTHY COOPER was a bit of a relaxation for me. When it began to sell well, I went on to write the next and the next.

Books are spurned from photographs - I'm a sucker for a great pic. PAINTED BRIDE is an example. I saw the beautiful white dress, the clean image and had to use it. The tattoos came about on a whim. Let's give her personality. Stories also come from the comments of others or one liners I pick up on the net. The first fiction I ever wrote, The Amanda Series, started because someone posted the remark, "No good story starts with someone eating a salad." Hence, It All Began With A Salad.

Just this week, a friend posted a picture of a girl in a "modest" swimsuit. The poor girl in the picture was dressed head to toe in what looked like tights and a dress. And I had to write a story about a girl who gets her first bikini.

Here's the opening sentences:

I hate swim parties. Hate with a capital “h”. Because every time I'm invited I know my mom will make me wear that florescent orange thing that covers all but my eyes. My friends either laugh at me or give me pity, and I want neither one.

Knowing ideas can come from anywhere, out of what I call the "fodder" of life, is part of what keeps me going. Sure, I have a lot of projects on my calendar, but that's what makes things interesting. I never know what's around the corner, what might pop up next, or which story will take on a life of it's own.

My next release will be THE LIFE AND TIMES OF LUCAS MCGILLEY and book 2 of The Irish Series, LIFE & DELIVERANCE. But have have many more just waiting to be edited, so stay tuned.

Note:  I have revamped the blog and given my book cover designs a separate page of their own as well as the books I have for sale, with links. This is a much cleaner look and easier for people to locate. Check it out!

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Nike Chillemi said...

I went swimsuit shopping w/my 15 year old...soon to be 16. She was about to go away to summer camp for the first time. It's not a Christian camp. It's a leadership, teamwork camp with a tinge of military outlook. Short shorts and ultra revealing swim wear were forbidden by the camp. This still left a lot of room for discussion.

DD#2 is the type who choses Bermuda length jeans shorts and/or capri pants. Still she didn't want to go into the pool or lake looking like she was wearing her mother's swim suit. She picked three suits with takini tops covering her entire torso and then bikini bottoms. That was fine with me.

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