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Story Saturdays - A Minute With Timothy Cooper

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Some great reviews this week:

★★★★★ "I read this tale in one sitting. The characters are quite real, very likable and the love story is sweet. The author has an innate sense of rhythm and timing that makes you stay with the characters right to the last sentence."

★★★★★ "Well have you ever had that crush on a guy and you have to do something together. Then it's just destined that you guys fall in love."

★★★★ "Me and Timothy Cooper is one of the cutest books ive read in a while, and it was easy to read to. i got through it quickly, and it wasnt one of those stories that spent excessive time on the fluffy descriptions and details. it was write when they said everyone would like it as long as they are a young adult or older, because the only thing about it is that its about two teenagers dating, so its going to be approprite for teens and up. its a light story to add smiles to peoples' lives. if you like a good love story, read this book!"

★★★★★ This book was so good I just wish they had gotten into it more throughout the book and had way more love. 

★★★★★ This is such a short adorable story and a good way to kill an hour depending on how fast you can read it. I love that there is little to no drama that would cause the whole thing to drag on. The characters are so innocent and I really wish there was more to add on with these characters, like a short story sequel! :) 

Today, we have a character interview with none other than Timothy Cooper.

Suzanne:  I’m here today with the hero of the month, Timothy Cooper, and a few questions from his fans. So glad you could come.

Tim:  Not like you gave me a choice.

Suzanne:  Ah, but you’re smiling, so you don’t mind.

Tim:  (soft grin) No, except Taylor was worried about my answers.

Suzanne:  Well, I promise not to ask anything that makes her too uncomfortable. How’s that?

Tim:  (shrugs) I imagine I can help her get over it.

Suzanne:  (laughter) I’m sure you can. So tell me, when all this began and you were sitting in English and heard your name called along with hers, did you ever think it’d be this huge?

Tim:  No way. I was only thinking I could finally get her number.

Suzanne:  About that. Why didn’t you speak to her before? There’s been a lot of speculation, people saying how you were the popular kid and she wasn’t. Any truth to those rumors?

Tim:  No. I had friends, but so did she. Look, I’d noticed her plenty. I mean what’s not to see? She’s beautiful. But I couldn’t get up my nerve. What if she didn’t like me? Then I’d feel stupid.

Suzanne:  How about the comment that that situation never happens in real life? What do you say to those people?

Tim:  Pshh. Can’t see why it wouldn’t happen in real life. Obviously it does or people wouldn’t write stories about it. Anyhow, we were both popular enough, she simply didn’t realize it so much, and that assignment gave me the perfect excuse to speak to her.

Suzanne:  Would you have asked her out after that? Given, she didn’t hurt her ankle, I mean.

Tim:  Probably. But I’ve never been one for what-ifs.

Suzanne:  I noticed that.

Tim:  They seem pointless. I’d rather deal with the here and now. She did hurt her ankle and no way was I letting her go home like that.

Suzanne:  People say that scene was a set up.

Tim:  Well, yeah, you set it up. Thanks, by the way.

Suzanne:  (smiling) You’re welcome.

Tim:  But I was only trying to do the right thing. She thought she’d be able to get around, and I knew she wouldn’t. I didn’t really feel like I had another choice – not a moral one anyhow.

Suzanne:  Speaking of morals.

Tim:  (groans)

Suzanne:  Hey, I have to ask because it’s the topic of the hour. How do you feel about your name becoming an adjective? He’s a “Timothy Cooper,” or “I want to find a Timothy Cooper”? And on that same line, what about your example of abstinence?

Tim:  I don’t see myself as anything special. I’m just me. But I guess it’s flattering. The example part I get, but only because you went and wrote a story about me. However, I’m not the only kid waiting until marriage.

Suzanne:  It seems that way, especially to adults.

Tim:  Probably. But I have friends who’re the same way. I’m not alone.

Suzanne:  You’ve thought about it then.

Tim:  (eyebrow raised) I am seventeen and male.

Suzanne:  Yes. (smiles) But my point is, given you’ve thought about it, what stopped you?

Tim:  You mean, besides my dad would come back from overseas and kick my butt?

Suzanne: Besides that. (laughs)

Tim:  God and Taylor. God says to show her respect and to respect myself, and in the process, I’ll respect Him as well. Seems like a no brainer.

Suzanne:  Just to clarify we’re talking about sex.

Tim:  Yeah. Though I like the part at the end of the story where you peer into my future. (grins) I like that part a lot.

Suzanne:  I’m sure you do. Which brings me to the next question. What of those who want “more Tim”?

Tim:  Bizarre. Because what are they wanting anyhow? To know my dreams?

Suzanne:  What do you dream? Should I ask?

Tim:  (chuckles) No.

Suzanne:  Okay, moving on then. Or perhaps looking at the question from another angle. Let’s go that route. Readers want a longer story with more detail. How do you feel about that?

Tim:  Kinda weird. It’s a story about seven days of my life and how I fell in love with Taylor. I could have told it in one page. Actually I did for my assignment. She’s amazing. I love her. End of story.

Suzanne:  I agree with you, though I had to expand on it, you understand.

Tim:  I get that. But actually, I’m glad you didn’t make it super long. All that about Justin, you know, was real hard for me to tell.

Suzanne:  I know it was, but the readers needed to feel your pain.

Tim:  I guess. I miss him a lot. Every day. Can we … go on … to something else?

Suzanne:  Sure. I only have a couple more questions. We’ll start with the fun one.

Tim:  Okay.

Suzanne:  How’s it feel to be a teen heartthrob?

Tim:  That’s your idea of fun? How do you think I feel? It’s a compliment I guess, but I am taken.

Suzanne:  Maybe I should ask how Taylor feels about it, other girls writing your name on their folders, daydreaming about you.

Tim:  I don’t want to tell you what she said about that.

Suzanne:  (smiles) I can imagine.

Tim:  Next question.

Suzanne:  (laughs) Sure. Here’s a good one. Are you, Jackson Phillips and Carter Pruitt friends? You’re up on the charts together, battling for position.

Tim:  That’s funny to me. It’s like I’m at number one, then Jackson is, then Carter is, and there in between us are other stories. Yeah, we’re friends. Jackson’s pretty cool, when you can get him to not talk about basketball. That girl of his, she’s a little out there though. I saw her and her friends doing handstands at the top of the bleachers at the last pep rally. (shakes his head)

Suzanne:  And Carter?

Tim:  Carter’s quiet, very reserved. We talk some. He’s as crazy about Daphne as I am about Taylor. I like Daphne, though it is amazing how many things happen to her without her trying.

Suzanne:  So no hard feelings between any of you?

Tim:  Nah.

Suzanne:  We’ll end it here, but I want to give you a chance to say anything at all you have on your mind – about the book, fame, Taylor.

Tim:  Anything at all?

Suzanne:  Yep. You write it for once.

Tim:  Well, first, I think I’d say if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you should read my story.

Suzanne:  Good point.

Tim:  Second, if you leave one of those goofy low-ball reviews … you know, the ones from people who’ve never written a book and have no idea what it’s like to have your life in the public eye then …. (shakes his head) People, sheesh.

Suzanne:  Be like a duck, Tim, just let it roll off your back – so much water.

Tim:  I guess.

Suzanne:  Is that all?

Tim:  No, one more thing. Taylor Lawton, I love you.

Suzanne:  Sweet. The whole world knows that now.

Tim:  Yep.

Suzanne D. Williams  
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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~Dana Pratola said...

Awesome interview! Thanks for inviting Tim, Suzanne. Great questions. And Tim, we all love you! Boy, if you were older and not already taken...

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