Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I See Heaven

Do all that lies in you, never complaining, never hesitating, to shew yourselves innocent and single-minded, God’s children, bringing no reproach on his name. You live in an age that is twisted out of its true pattern, and among such people you shine out, beacons to the world, upholding the message of life. (Php 2:14-16, Knox)

God created the world exactly how He wanted it to be. He made no plans for poverty, sickness, frustration, fear, torment - in short any of the upsets that affect you and I every day. He didn't want babies to be born afflicted with diseases, people to die young, you to lose your job, your kid to be on drugs.

He wanted to be the end all and for all of everything. The solution. The "go to."

Then man did what man always does, he rebelled, deciding to make his own choices, go his own path, be like God, and in that moment, sin came and with it every consequence of sin - death, disease, poverty - all those things we don't want and pray now to get rid of. (Ge 3:6;Rm 5:17)

Suffering came. Strife came. Pain came. And it was our fault.

But God didn't give up. There was no sitting back on His hands while we swam through our piddly lives. He wasn't up there wringing His hands, "Dear me. Dear me." No, He set about to bring mankind back into a right relationship with Him. To give us back all the things we had given away so cheaply. (Act 2:23;Col 1:14)

Because He loved us with GREAT love. (Eph 2:4)

The kind of love we write novels about. Love that says, "No matter what you've done, no matter where you've been, no matter what condition you find yourself in, I love you."

The kind of love a mother has for a child even though he's done some of the most despicable things. "But he's a good boy." 

And we shake our heads and say, "No, he's not. Look at his crimes!"

Unfathomable love. Unexplainable love.

But the story didn't stop there. It didn't end on the cross of Calvary. It didn't end with the Resurrection. It didn't go away when the Holy Spirit fell in the upper room. The story lived on. The story's perpetual. And that's part of the power of it.

That each time we raise our hands, each time we praise God, each time, we turn our faces toward heaven and humble ourselves, He returns and loves us all over again. 

It's a daily thing, this love, an hourly thing, a minute-by-minute, any time you need Him thing.

Because, yeah, the world's twisted now. Turn on the news and you see that. Visit a hospital and you know that. Talk to anyone you meet, and you'll realize that. Things are out of order. The world groans for it's release, and one day the ultimate release will come. (Rm 8:18)

But until then, I see heaven each time I close my eyes and say, "Thank you, God. Thank you for what you did for me. Thank you I walked out of my house today. Thank you I have hope and a future. Thank you no matter what I need or how often I need it or how big this task is, You are there for me."

Thank you.

And God answers. "You're welcome, Suzanne. Anytime."

I see heaven invading this place
I see angels praising your holy name
I sing praises, I sing praises
I give you honor worthy Jesus

I see Glory falling in this place
I see hope restored, the healing of all disease

I sing praises, I sing praises
I give you honor worthy Jesus

Suzanne D. Williams  
Suzanne Williams Photography  
Florida, USA 

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.

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