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Guest Author - Staci Stallings - "Cowboy"

I am happy today to share my blog with romance author, Staci Stallings, who writes her thoughts about the book, "Cowboy".

Stealing Your Heart... and the Show
Behind the Scenes of "Cowboy"
One of the fascinating things about the book "Cowboy" to me has been the readers' reaction to Kenzie McCasland.  Kenzie is the six-year-old daughter of Beth, the main character.  She is bright and precocious, and by the end of the story has everyone wrapped around her little finger--including Grandma, Grandpa, Nanna, and country superstar Ashton Raines.

Kenzie as a character was so vivid to me--the sweet face and blonde curls. She was such a needed ray of sunshine. Her mother is so cut off from the world but for the presence of this little girl.  Beth and Kenzie live up in the mountains, literally.  They have a house/cabin that is set off and back in the woods.  Worse, Beth is really a stay-to-yourself kind of person.  I think she and her first husband were just getting started, couldn't afford much, and this cabin was a pretty cheap fix to that situation.

Little did Beth know the tragedy that would befall them all.  Now, here she is.  She can't move, she barely has enough money to fix the dripping sink.  So she's stuck out here with precious few options of changing that.  But I love the fact that she's not stuck out there alone.  Here's Kenzie, watching cartoons, making pinwheels, coloring... bringing life to her mother's lonely existence.

Then as we go, we see this little girl's heart, and it's so pure and sweet.  She's just totally a little girl if that makes any sense.  So when she offers to pray for Ashton, her mother's friend that she's never even met, it's with an innocence I wish we could all hang onto a little longer.  She knows nothing of the dangers Beth's friend warns of--stalkers and murderers who will take your information and find out where you live. 

Kenzie is removed from the anxiety of life in that way.  Maybe she is how I remember being growing up. Dad and Mom would protect me.  I trusted them completely.  If they said it needed prayer, then we prayed, and prayer helped. I just trusted that in a way it's hard to sometimes now.

The other thing I love about Kenzie is how when we first meet her, Beth is reading her a story.  I wrote a Behind the Scenes about how "Cowboy" is my nod to Cinderella which was my favorite story growing up, and I so love that Kenzie is bathing in that same warm glow of good stories that I got to.  Beth is reading a story that I made up, but it is one the reader will know instinctively that it could be any of the princess stories every little girl loves.  It's the story of this girl who despite her rags is loved by a Prince.

What is it about that story that we so long for?

I don't know, but I see it in Kenzie's eyes as Beth reads.  And honestly, I don't think it's bad for little girls to dream of others recognizing in them more than maybe is on the outside.  It doesn't matter that Kenzie wears hand-made clothes to school or that her idea of fun is fishing with her Grandpa.  She's simple, but she's authentically herself, making no apologies for who she is or how she is.

And when this little girl prays, God listens.  And I think that's just as it should be.

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