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Blog Hop - Love & Redemption

We have a double header on the blog today. I am happy to participate in a blog hop with several other excellent authors. Be sure to visit Staci Stallings blog with latest information on her next book.

1. What is the title?
Love & Redemption

2. Where did the idea come from?
I was watching a television series where a girl was being forced to marry someone she didn't love, and it planted a seed in my head.
3. What is the genre

Christian Fiction/Historical/Romance

4. What actors would play your character in a movie version?
I had to seriously ask around about this one because I don't keep up with movies or actors. I started by describing my main character.

Michael O'Fallen
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185-190 lbs.
Description: Sandy-blond hair, Emerald green eyes

Oh, and he sings like Andrea Bocelli. Yeah, that actor doesn't exist. So I went with looks and Liam Hemsworth was suggested to me. I have no idea if he can act, and I'm betting he can't sing. I'm also thinking his eyes aren't green. All of that said, he's close. Though ... his eyebrows aren't right, too dark. (And my daughter laughed at me for that one). He'd also need to polish up his Irish Gaelic for the part.

The female was much easier. I knew exactly who would play her. This only because I saw her act on an episode of The Mentalist. But first, the character's information.

Anne Sawyer (O'Fallen)
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110
Description: Golden blonde hair, blue eyes

For her part, I pick Dove Cameron.

5. Give a short Synopsis
I covered this briefly on December 12th when I posted the Prologue. But here's the Blurb.
Michael O’Fallen simply wants to survive. A poor Irish boy living in post-Civil War New York, the events of one horrible night send him running¬–far south to unsettled Florida and an unplanned marriage with a girl he doesn’t know.

Now, he must protect her from the lust and greed of evil men and figure out how to make their escape. Will the dangers and perils they face tear their marriage apart? Or will he finally find true Love & Redemption?
6. How long did it take to write the first draft?
It took me five rewrites because I didn't outline the storyline well enough from the start. This made me waste a "whole lot" of my time. Once I knew where I was going with it though, it flowed nicely, and I was finished within a couple months. 

7. What other books in the genre compare?
This question is hard to answer because honestly I haven't seen any that compare. I thought of A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith, but only in the sense of its being set in Florida. I like to include descriptions of the area I grew up in my stories.

My writing style, however, is vastly different, and frankly, I can't think of anyone else who writes similarly in a historical fiction genre. I would compare it perhaps to some of the western/romance historicals that are out, but not set out west and with a more contemporary feel.

8.Who or what inspired this WIP?

I answered this partly in question #1. But I would say the inspiration for Michael O'Fallen's singing came from two places. First, from a turn-of-the-century singer who made Irish music popular, John McCormack. There are videos of him singing up on YouTube

My second inspiration is Andrea Bocelli. Here's a favorite from Christmas album. Angels We Have Heard On High

9. Anything to add?
There are six books in this series. The first three are: Love & Redemption, Life & Deliverance, and Faith & Forgiveness. The final three are a spin off series entitled, Children of the Irish. The first book is the only one titled at this point, Maire's Song. Read an excerpt here.

Here's a post I made on the first three books and a link to the book trailer. 

Also, you can read the entire Prologue on my blog. 
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