Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour Stops Here!

I am happy to be participating in the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour sponsored by The Grace Awards. What a wonderful group of Christian authors!

Here are my suggestions for great Christmas reading.

99 cents during December only!

Angel Taylor had her life all figured out until her best friend shoved Elias Harper off on her. What's she need with a boy anyway? But Marta said he liked to dance and somehow that was appealing. However, something strange is happening in town and this right before Christmas. Is Elias involved? What is the secret he keeps from her? And what should she do when her life changes for good?

What makes Christmas Angel perfect for Christmas reading and/or gifting?

Angel Taylor is a sweet girl raised by her father and three brothers. Because of this she's developed into a bit of a tomboy, yet she has a giving heart full of compassion with the capacity to love unconditionally. A fun mystery story with a little bit of romance thrown in, this story makes for a wonderful Christmas read.


MISSING. The story of three generations of one family tied together through love, loss, and war.

Adele Davis' husband, John, went missing in action in Vietnam. Five years later, she meets Stephen Sanders and falls in love. Yet should love again? Or does she dishonor her husband’s memory?

Amos and Elizabeth Sanders' son, Andrew, left home to fight with the Union Army in the Civil War. But he never returned. A strange series of events returns him to them along with something far greater.

Doug and Molly Sanders both have secrets. What happened to him when he parachuted into France on D-Day? And what happened to her? Will their secrets destroy them both?

What makes MISSING perfect for Christmas reading and/or gifting?

MISSING is a thought-provoking read dealing with the heartbreak of war, yet it brings hope in the midst of great tragedy. Comprised of three short stories in different eras of time, it's an easy book to pick up, read for a while, and set back down. It's stories appeal to history buffs and romance readers both male and female.


When Molly Sanders answered the phone, she wasn’t prepared for the person on the other end – her husband’s past had come back to haunt them. Yet a tragic accident and the unplanned visit of a boy from France will bring them something unexpected. Forgiveness.
Stephen and Adele Sanders’ never quite overcame the memory of John Davis. When personal tragedy threatens to tear them apart, it will take the divine move of God in a stranger’s life to bring healing.
Tad never fit into society until Beth Sanders loved him. Yet despite their wedded bliss, all is not as it seems. Looking back, Tad tells the tale of the mysterious threats that almost destroyed them, and of love that spans time.

What makes FOUND perfect for Christmas reading and/or gifting?

FOUND picks up where MISSING's three stories left off. Each story deals with the emotions of loss and tragedy while balancing that with hope and healing. They are stories of loving someone, letting go, and sometimes moving on. A little romance mixed with drama and mystery, this book makes for a good read for a sunny afternoon or an evening in front of the fire.

Check out all the exciting authors on the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour click on the link below at the Grace Awards blog.

Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne Williams Photography
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.


Tracy Krauss said...

These sound great. I can honestly say I had not heard of any of your work before so I am glad to make that right!

Barbara Ellen Brink said...

Great stop, Suzanne! I happen to have a couple people on my gift list who love anything to do with the Civil War so your book, Missing, would definitely be a hit. They all sound good to me!

Meg Moseley said...

Suzanne, your stories sound fabulous! The photography on the sidebar looks intriguing too. You've got a lot going on!

Meg Moseley

Naomi Musch said...

Intriguing story lines! The 3-tiers of time in Missing really piques my interest. Merry Christmas!

Nike Chillemi said...

Love your cover of Christmas Angel. And your series sounds wonderful. Merry Christmas.

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