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Book Recommendations

I can count on one hand the books I've read (and there are a lot) that blew my mind. I read another this week to add to this list, and so I thought perhaps some of you might wonder what I'd recommend as best reading for Christian fiction.

Joanne Bischoff
Be Still My Soul

Set in the Appalachian mountains, this story I likened to the Hatfields & McCoys without the conflict. What drew me in, despite the well-crafted setting, which I could easily picture in my mind, were the heart-breaking characters, Lonnie and Gideon. Their story is the tale of two souls who want so desperately to love each other. It's not often characters imprint themselves on me the way these two did, and I will truthfully never forget it.

Mesu Andrews
Love's Unending Song

I do not read Biblical fiction, so when I won this book in a giveaway, I put off reading it for months. Then when I picked it up, simply determined to finish it for the same of saying I did, it took me five or six chapters to realize what the story was about. This book is the Song of Solomon come to life. It's beautiful and precious and so fabulously done that I can never look at that book in the Bible the same way again. You only think you understand it until you've read this book, then you see who new worlds open up. Really some of the finest writing I've ever read.

Ginger Garrett

Here again is a Biblical fiction tale that I never thought I'd read except it was recommended to me by a friend who leant me her copy. I have since purchased my own. This book tells the story of Queen Esther, but in such a way that from the first page I couldn't believe it wasn't real. It's told as if you're reading Queen Esther's diaries, which have been unearthed years later. Took me until the author's comments to see it was fiction. Amazing story that opens your mind to the Bible like never before.

Staci Stallings
Starlight Dreams

I read this YA (young adult) book for the author. But having said that, was blown away. Of all the books by this author I've read, this one is my favorite. I cannot word it any better than my online review, so I'll add that below. Really, adults or teens should read this book.

I can count on one hand the books that truly moved me, touched some place deep inside and changed what I thought about life and love. I come away from this story completely breathless, unable to gather my thoughts and go about a normal day, doing normal things. Instead, I'm caught into a world where dreams come true, where love isn't simple, but is grand, where a boy and a girl from opposite sides of town see in each other the same things and a way to bridge the gap. This story ripped my heart right out of my chest and replaced it in a way I did not expect. Though it is listed as YA, as a middle-aged woman, I have no regrets in reading it for it taught me something - about writing and about myself. Brilliantly done, I cannot recommend it highly enough. God bless Staci Stallings for writing it.

Dana Pratola
The Covering

I interviewed, Dana Pratola, recently on my blog, but I have to include her books in this list. The Covering is the first fiction I've ever read that includes the idea of spiritual intercession in it. It is a romance, yes, with fabulous characters and a great storyline, but the spiritual battle that takes place for the male character's soul (Gunnar) is front and center. This is not something I've ever seen presented in a storyline as it was done here. A must read.

Dana Pratola
Descended ~ Jett 
Now in Print! 

Here is a book I was totally not expecting. I read an excerpt online and knew I had to read the rest. This is paranormal fiction on a Christian level. If you're sick and tired of stories about Vampires and Werewolves and want a Christian perspective, this is definitely it. Great romance with Christian values and something for the imagination as well. A must read.

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