Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Have Survived

My daughter graduated from high school last weekend, and as a homeschool mom her achievement is really mostly mine. (Tongue in cheek). So join with me now in a chorus of "I Have Survived" set to the disco tune of similar name and do a dance.


The ceremony was a bit different from what is traditionally done-and thus rather entertaining.The Salutatorian gave a speech tying the economy to Beowolf and lost us all. The Valedictorian followed with the words, "'Sup?" Frankly, I liked his speech better. And then there were thousands (felt like) of baby pictures filtering by on the screen. Weren't they all so cute?

Yet what made the night for me were the recordings the parents had been asked to make. The idea was to say something inspiring to your child. Most parents settled for "Go get 'em" or "You've grown into a wonderful lady." (Groan.) There was the kid who crossed the stage set to the tune of Star Wars. I'm not kidding. And another with a chorus of "My Girl."

My problem was I didn't want to say anything at all. You see, I know my daughter and she wouldn't want me to say anything. Mom should never embarrass the teenager. However, my hand was forced, so I said a word of prayer and God gave me the words.

I share them here with you here in the hopes that you'll cry. I won't lie. But then rejoice. I am proud of her. Just please don't ask either of us what her plans are for the future. We haven't made it there yet. Instead, I think we'll both revel in the joys of the endless summer set before us.

Life will happen again. It always does. But why rush things? 



When they asked me to write this, I didn’t know what to say. I know that you know it wasn’t because of an inability to write words or out of any lack of love for you. I have told you how much I love you often enough.

Instead, it was that to me such things are intensely private. Often, I have been forced to wear my life on my sleeve, so that everyone knows it. I don’t mind this…when it involves just me. Yet somehow, when they put you into the equation, it becomes too personal.

Yet looking back, what I treasure the most about our time together is that you have become my friend. Whether you realize it or not, that is what brings the greatest value.

It isn’t in the books or assignments. I disliked algebra as much as you did, and I couldn’t care less about Hamlet. It isn’t in failed science experiments or lengthy writing assignments. It isn’t in high test scores and percentiles.

No, the most important thing was chasing dragonflies at the park or photographing downtown Lakeland. It was stealing away to have lunch at Dairy Queen. It was looking into your eyes over ice cream and laughing at our stories. These are what I cherish.

I never doubted you would graduate. I never doubted you would become a wonderful person. I am blessed to have you and intensely proud to walk by your side through these years and see today the loving, kind person I always knew you would become.

I love you.


Suzanne Williams Photography
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.
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