Monday, September 19, 2011


I was thinking about trust today and it came back to me what I learned in my struggles. Trusting God is like being completely suspended. Think of a skydiver, only remove the parachute. THAT'S what it's like trusting God.

You see, whenever we are leaning on something, we aren't really trusting God. If I feel secure in any way - I have a foothold underneath me. I have something to grasp onto (a death grip) - then I am relying on my power, not God's.

Trust, true trust, is scary. Remember Peter walking on the water? That was trust. His physical weight was greater than the water's surface. Don't you think he knew that before he stepped out? There weren't any floats, buoys, or life vests in the boat. No one was there to take his hand. He had to rely entirely on Jesus' words.

Trusting God means you are completely out of control. It is total surrender. It means God has the control. You might not know what's coming up next, but you know God is smart enough, big enough, and powerful enough, He loves you enough to never let you fall.

Ask yourself today. Is He on your side or isn't He? Do you trust Him or not?

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