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The Top 5 Questions About My Book, "Fearless"

These are the questions I am most asked about my book, "Fearless."


1. How did you come around to writing a book?

The truth is, I didn't. The chapters of the book were individual blogs written to myself. They are my journal of revelations from God's Word that were on my heart at that time. I found writing them to be both a great way to remember the Lord's instructions to me and an immense form of healing. They were, in a way, my therapy.

The idea to put them into a book came to me after talking to other people with similar problems. I realized I could not be everywhere at once. I hate to see people struggle with something they can be free of, and the truths in the Word of God are, after all, available to anyone who believes. (Jn 1:7)

2. Why are you so open with your testimony?

I don't know exactly. I do remember years ago praying for boldness. The words of Acts 4:29 had spoken to my heart, and for a time, I prayed them earnestly. When I cried out to God for help in 2007, I didn't think of that prayer at all, but the first instruction God gave me was to stop hiding. I spent so much time trying to hide my problem from everyone. For me, being open brought great freedom. At first, I gave no thought to its impact on others. It was only later as so many people came to me with their brother or sister or friend who was in my shoes that I saw the need.

3. What one thing have you learned the most?

That not every step towards healing is easy. Renewing your mind to think differently is HARD. Doing those things I am afraid of doing is HARD. I remember one time telling my husband, "I either have to give up or get out of this house because sitting here is killing me." And it was. The indecision of fear was making me ill. To get over it, I knew I had to either stay home or get in the car. It was not an easy decision, but a necessary one. I always remember, when I am at that point, that giving in doesn't solve anything. Unless I am willing to step forward in the heat of the HARD moment, I will not remain free.

4. What has surprised you the most now that the book is in print?

I am constantly surprised. I was surprised when someone first wanted my autograph. That still seems a bit strange to me. This book is my failure and God's success. God really should sign it, if that were possible.

Also, I was not fully prepared for "the weight of the book." I failed to look at it from other peoples' perspectives. To me it was less a manual and more my personal thoughts. Suddenly, people were coming to me for advice. On the days when I am weakest, I ask myself how I could help anyone. Yet the truth is, it is not my words that are doing anything, it is God's Word. I am only the vessel He has chosen; my job is to be obedient. His Words are life and healing to the mind and flesh. (Pr 4:22)

5. What is most important to you about this book?

The testimonies I hear are so marvelous and I am grateful for every kind word. My heart for the book was not to sell millions of copies; I wanted it to be in the hands of those who needed it. Each time I hear someone tell me they passed their copy along to a friend, it makes me exceedingly happy. That was my desire. Panic attacks are such a silent, hidden problem, which no one talks about. It takes friends and family, church people and neighbors, stepping into the lives of those they know and offering prayer and support to facilitate healing. I would not be here if not for the efforts of those who love me.

To pick up a copy of the book, you can order through Amazon, or from Becky Combee Ministries, Inc.

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