Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How The Other Half Lives

I think I know how the other half lives - the northern half that is. It is not often, living in Florida, that I begin to feel "stir crazy". But in the last week, this desire to "get out of here" has taken over my mentality. It finally hit me yesterday that this must be what feels like in a cold climate when the weather dips down to such a miserable temperature that you cannot possibly go outdoors.

In our case, it is not the cold that has done it, but the heat. A few days ago the temperature set a record. It was officially 102 degrees (F). Add to that about 85% humidity and you might liken it to being stuck in a sauna that you cannot escape from. (Official temperatures set aside, it has gotten that hot here many times before on backyard thermometers.) One has only to open to door to decide its just not worth it to go out there. The summer heat has become simply unbearable.

I suppose, since I have lived in Florida my entire life, that it has been this hot before. But memories being what they are, the past right now seems rosier than the present. This past winter when it was so very, very cold, I longed for spring. I couldn't wait for the first blush of flowers, the grass and trees to begin to green. I pictured myself outdoors surrounded by butterflies enjoying the fullness of my garden, and all that came to fruition.

But right now, I am to the point where I hate my couch. Since I can't go outdoors, it has become the spot to roost. Every now and then, I switch to the arm chair. It's a comfortable enough chair, but the angle is all wrong for the TV. Then again, sometimes I get off the couch and stare out the window. After all, the outside looks pretty from underneath the air conditioning.

There are only so many ways to entertain oneself indoors. Yesterday, I read all my emails. That was really bizarre because I get hundreds of emails every day, and I am really good at ignoring most of them. I figured since I am stuck in here, I might as well get some work done. I wrote two blogs, and here I am today writing another. Perhaps the heat is productive. I am even contemplating doing some housework.

Yet in my heart, I count the days left in August and September. Someday I will go outdoors again and actually enjoy it. I will sit on my porch and watch the birds, or take a walk in the park. Released from my indoor cave, I'll drink in the fresh, glorious air and say, "Isn't it nice outside."

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