Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Beach

Every trip I take away from home is another victory over my past. I have shared with you my escape from panic attacks. God's healing is complete, but certain obstacles are only overcome through my own walk of faith. Simply, I have to "do" what I would not do before.

This week I took another step forward and spent the day at the beach along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. The three of us, my husband, my daughter, and myself, had a glorious time soaking up the sun, sand, and salt water!


We visited two locations. First, we stopped at Ken Thompson Park in Sarasota. Ken Thompson Park sits across Sarasota Bay from downtown. It is directly beside Mote Marine Laboratory. The view here is of the bay dotted with moored boats. It sits underneath Australian Pines and has a fairly large section of Mangrove Trees with a nature pathway.

You Tube Video

There is always lots of life in the mangroves. If you look quickly, you will see mangrove crabs scurrying for the shelter of their mud homes.

Mangrove Crab

The shelter of the trees is home for dragonflies, lizards, and all other manner of insect life. A noisy nest of Great Blue Heron chicks shared the treetops with an osprey having her lunchtime feast. We also saw a Greater Egret, poised along the edge.

Mangrove Leaves

We left the park and spent a couple hours on the beach of Longboat Key, Florida. I love Longboat Key for the splendor of its wealthy inhabitants and the long stretches of unpopulated beach sand.

Shoreline, Longboat Key, Florida

We watched seagulls swoop by or stand resting on the sand. We admired the steady pace of Ibis and Ruddy Turnstone as they dug for a meal. We even saw a pair of Black Skimmers fly low over the water's edge.


The sound of the waves was mesmerizing!

It was a beautiful day and one I hope to repeat many times in the near future! God is truly so good to me!



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